Loyalists Against Democracy is a satirical page.

We take the piss out of people who are intent on wrecking the fucking place.

We are loyal loyalists. But we are peace loving loyal loyalists. 

We keep getting banned by Facebook without any explanation whatsoever.

How then are people/pages like these allowed to keep spewing messages of hatred?

Here are a few of the screenshots from our archives - all taken in the last four weeks, all still active on Facebook.

Perhaps someone would like to contact Facebook and ask them how these images don't contravene 'community standards'?

Brace yourselves...


Dear Protestant Coalition.

I am the manager of the Facebook pages Loyalist Against Demacracy & Loyalists Against Damacracy and today I am not feeling very funny.

Today on your Facebook page you have labelled my pages ‘republican’. 

The Protestant Coalition - libellous
This is not true.  As I stated in my statement to The Irish News on Monday when Facebook admitted an error in unpublishing L.A.D.:

“L.A.D. is delighted that Facebook have recognised the error of their ways and reinstated Loyalists Against Demacracy, Northern Ireland's most loyal loyal loyalist page. None are more loyal than us.

In all seriousness, L.A.D. has always enjoyed huge cross community support and provides a forum for the majority of people to express their frustration with those intent on wrecking the place regardless of cause or motivation. We do this using satire and self depreciation and hope we have made people laugh in difficult times.

We also shine a light on less savoury Facebook pages and hold them up to public account, scrutiny and mockery. The sectarian bigots in our society are happy to spout statements of hatred in their own enclaves but less happy when shown to the majority of decent people.”


There may well be republicans commenting on my pages; as well as unionists, conservatives, socialists, greens, nationalists and communists. I welcome all sorts as long as they aren’t sectarian bigots, racist, homophobic, extremely stupid or make threats of violence.

This is a satirical page. If you cannot grasp that concept please look it up in a dictionary or have a look at the works of Peter Cook, Stephen Colbert, Charlie Brooker, Sasha Baron Cohen, Bill Hicks, Ian Hislop and a personal favourite Chris Morris.  I don’t claim to be in their class but I’d like us to be.

Having garnered legal opinion I am informed that your statement is in fact libellous as you have published an untruth about me which could potentially do harm to my reputation. Therefore I have instructed a solicitor to take this matter further.

Please don’t bother removing the post; it will do you no favours.

With no Love,

L.A.D. (Mr.)
WE are the people