*** UPDATED 07/12/2013 09:30 ***

We have been contacted by several people who have informed us that the woman originally named in this post has blogged to say that she has received an abusive Facebook message in response to our post. This was not our intent and we want to make it clear that we wish nobody to contact this woman with any further abuse. Northern Ireland's history shows that tit-for-tat solves nothing.

In the interest of drawing a line under things and focussing on the positive aspect of the charity work we've set out to do, we've removed the post that was originally here.

We want to make it clear that we stand by EVERYTHING we said in the post and can prove all of our claims. We feel however our story has been told and that the existence of the post would serve no other purpose than to feed negativity.

We will not be bullied by anyone, and the response to our original post proved that the LAD community are a determined bunch who will never let ignorant bullies win.

Here's the synopsis of events:

We announced that the charity we would be donating proceeds from our Christmas single to would be SOS Bus NI and began heavily promoted this heavily on social media.

One lady questioned our motives and integrity and penned a poisonous blog post (which was subsequently removed).

We received word from SOS Bus that they had received abuse from numerous people based on this blog post and as such felt it would put the charity at risk to accept the donation from us.

We posted the article that was originally here telling the full story and encouraged anyone who wanted to make a donation to SOS to do so directly at their JustGiving page. What happened next is incredible. Hundreds of pounds of donations flooded in within minutes of the post going live. We have saved as many donation notes as possible from JustGiving and posted them below. Apologies if yours isn't there, The JustGiving site only displays four at a time and the donations were being made so quickly that we may have missed a few! Apologies if we've included the same screenshot twice - it was difficult to gather them all together :)

We were incredibly moved by your generosity and helped turn a negative situation into an incredibly positive one.

Moving forward, we will be still be selling the single and raising money for a charity, however to protect the charity we will not be publicly disclosing who we donate to. We will make ever effort to have the donation witnessed and notarised by either the press or a public figure (or both) when the time comes.