On Saturday Judge Jim (I Am The Law) Allister was celebrating when his party Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV) gained their first ever Councillor in Belfast, Jolene Bunting.

The TUV have a bit of previous when it comes to council candidates, case in point - the lovely Wayne Gilmour (who sadly failed to win a seat) so we decided to have a poke around Ms. Bunting's Facebook page which was open for all and sundry to see.

Guess what we found...
When asked about his newly elected candidate's online activities party leader Jim Allister was dismissive and pointed out that these posts were in "the past":

As the MLA who seems to be permanently obsessed with the past and shows no desire whatsoever to look to the future most people will be shocked by the hypocrisy of Judge Jim's support for Ms. Bunting.

The question now is what action will he and the TUV take?

The Führer of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) Nigel Farage flew into Belfast today ostensibly to support his candidate for the European Parliament, Henry Reilly and a motley crew of wannabe UKIP councillors.

First port of call was Belfast's famous Crown Bar where Farage and his entourage were refused permission to film one of their notorious 'photo opportunities'. They found refuge in the nearby Europa hotel where Farage claimed immigrants were driving down wages and  said "Britain is becoming the cheap labour economy and I don't think that is really socially a very desirable place for us to be." He singled out Romanians and Bulgarians in particular. Two weeks ago a Romanian man had faeces thrown at him during a sickening racist attack in east Belfast and there are fears Belfast is becoming the race hate capital of the United Kingdom. So thanks for your timely intervention Nige.

After being shunned by the Crown and crawling to the Europa (oh the irony) our Nige met up with our old pals Henry Reilly, Rub McGee (aka Robert McKee) and purveyor of pirate DVDs Bill (Bollocks) Hill.

Henry Reilly, Rub McGee, Nigel Farage - pictured in The Europa NOT The Crown
Rub McGee, Farage, Bill (Bollocks) Hill
Oul Henry will be no stranger to regular readers of LAD and we very much miss his late night ramblings on Twitter where on more than one occasion it appeared that he had perhaps indulged in too much of his nightly medicine. Rumour has it that if you need a lift from Henry anywhere these days you might be out of luck.

Rub McGee and Bill Hill are altogether more worrying drinking buddies for Farage.

McKee is 'Chairman' of the so-called 'Protestant Coalition' which was set up as spin off from 'Britain First' by ex-BNP man Jim (Dodgy) Dowson and his henchman Paul Golding.

Jim Dowson, David Nicholl, Paul Golding, Alice Dowson, Bill Hill. unknown, Robert McKee, Sam McCrory, Willie Frazer

Protestant Coalition registration documents: 'Leader': Jim Dowson, 'Treasurer': Paul Golding

Britain First have been in the headlines recently for launching 'invasions' of mosques in Glasgow and Bradford. Newspapers in Scotland have called into question the source of 'army' bibles handed out during these raids. Asked where the bibles might have come from, Jim Dowson said: "I've no idea. We buy bibles all the time, sometimes about 2,000 at a time. We must have got them cheap".

The Electoral Commission have been forced to change their rules after Dowson was allowed to use the slogan 'Remember Lee Rigby' on on voting slips in next week's European Elections.

Lee Rigby's mother Lyn has spoken out on Facebook against Dowson and Britain First's cynical attempt to capitalise on the first anniversary of her son's murder:

 Meanwhile the Protestant Coalition have thrown whatever support they can muster (16 likes) behind Henry Reilly:

 and Jim (Dodgy) Dowson has wished UKIP well while talking about 'corruption'.

Oh the irony.