Well furst off loyal brethern, I here Peter Robinson if after threatening to resign over this on the runs issue. Well Peter, whats keeping you? The Protestants of South armagh has been warning youse about these durty deals for years and what did the DUP do but cut off our money just cos I had the neck to spake out about these cut throats and gangsters running around the provance with there get out of jail free cards. The likes of myself and hundreds of other young fellas gets locked up in Maghaberry for piecefull protesting when every Sean, Deck and Paddy thats been hiding out in Dundalk these years is running about Newry the PSNI wont touch these boys for half off thems touts and informers. I dont believe Peter, that you has the balls to resign for it was only a couple of weeks ago the Brighton bomber was running about your constituency and you never said a word but anyways, lets hope you grow a set and we can start getting a bit of sense from the unionist leaders instead of constant consessions to the shinners.

Matter of fact, I was disscusting this issue of on the runs with this american journallist who came down till see me the other day. Normally I wudn’t bother with the Yanks for their up to there eye balls in Noraid all but this fella Henry Rollins toul me he was into bands and flags and he’s a judge for Times magazine Man of the year contest. Now I don’t read the Times but wee Protestants have to get our story across cos all the Americans ever here on there news is Provie propaganda.

Me and Henry Rollins
Henry came down till mate me in Newton Hamilton one of the towns that republicans has done there dammdest til destroy and the furst thing I says is to go for a wee down drive round bandit country to see the lawlessness there. The wife had the Saracen for the day so we took the jeep and headed for Cross, a right roges gallery along the way I can tell youse, there was Dominic Mcglinchey putting a load of horses onto one of slabs lorries for to take them to the slautterhouse, we seen that butcher Dessie O’Hare driving a load of diesel and yer man who blew up Lord Mountbatten selling smugelled cigars right outside the police station and where was the PSNI in all this but checking my tax and insurance. I tried to explain all this to yer man Henry, how McGlinchey faked his own death and the free State government covered it up so he cud carry on mordoorin Protestants, but he had this punk music turned up so loud I cudn’t even hear myself think strait, let alone remember to dump all my empties on the pitch at the rangers club. 

Finally I says til Henry, if you don’t knock that shite aff youll be walking back til your car. That seemed til have done the trick for he nocked it aff and toul it was my turn anyways. I starts playing him some real Ulster band tunes and I can tell youse one thing, the rebels down in Cross didn’t like it one bit for the durty looks them tinkers was giving us was something else, not that it bothers me anyway as youse know. Well Henry’s band was called Black flag and he wasn’t long showing his true republican colours for after bearly five or six of the best loyalist tunes he jumps out and says he wud walk back til his car anyways and he wudn’t even give me so much as the two hundred dollars I was looking for diesel . You wud wonder how these these Noraid wannabes come to have so much hatred and intolerants for are culture here in Ulster, I do think it is just pure jeloussy. After all we have give them about twenty presidents and the best they can do is thon tramp JFK whos picture i use for target practice if I have run out of popes.

Me at home
I hope by the time youse read this Peter Robinson has got the balls to do the right thing and tell the Shinners where to go, just like is after happening in the Ukrain but seriously I doubt it, all he is after is keeping other men away from his money grabbing wife. We need strong leaders in this country, ones who know who to drive tanks and shoot sniper rifles, men who wont be bullied or bought off, even if it means loosing any chance I ever had of winning Time magazine Man of the Year compostition.

No surrender as always.

Wm Frazer.
Pic via https://twitter.com/molloy1916

So Nigel Dodds knows nahim.

Gregory Campbell knows nahim.

Jim Allister knows nahim although he says that Nigel Dodds and Gregory Campbell are lying when they say that they know nahim.

Tom Elliott knows nahim either and says it's all a disgrace.

Peter Robinson knows nahim and he's threatening to resign because no-one told him what he doesn't know.

Teresa Villiers knows nahim and says that it's all been passed to David Ford to sort out.

David Ford says he knows nahim about sorting out what Teresa Villiers is on about.

Gerry Kelly says everyone is talking shite when they say they knew nahim.

Meanwhile Danny Morrison says everyone knew everyhing.

 Mr. Morrison may well be correct.

In 2008 Tony Blair's former Chief of Staff published his memoir 'Great Hatred, Little Room: Making Peace in Northern Ireland" available here

The book contained the following passage:

Presumably Dodds, Allister, Campbell, Robinson, Elliott et al were made aware of this book and what it alleges. They are politicians after all and they do have advisors.

Why did they say nahim at the time?

Why are these matters being dredged up now?

I'm saying nahim

We are delighted to announce that we have at last received sales figures for our Charity Christmas single 'Last December' and managed to sell 1155 copies in 24 hours and raise £541.31 for a local cross community charity.

In light of what happened to our original charity partners (see here) we have arranged to hand over all proceeds anonymously and have this verified by a local journalist.

Whilst £541.31 is a substantial amount of money it could have been so much more. At one point Last December was Number 4 in the UK charts and some bookmakers named the song as a potential Christmas Number One.

Sadly all that was scuppered by the vile 'Frankie Regan' - a fake Dublin musician created by a disgruntled loyalist. Read the full incredible story here and here

We will publish confirmation of the handover of the money in the next few days.

Thanks to everyone - all 1,155 of you - who bought the song.

We promise you the money will go to a deserving cause.


We at LAD are very concerned about Mr. Luke Poots, a co-opted DUP councillor in the City of Lisburn.

Peter Robinson, First Minister with Luke Poots co-opted Councillor
It is understandable that in the run up to May's council elections Mr. Poots should be under a great deal of stress but we fear the mounting pressure may have affected his judgement.

Last night Mr. Poots decided to contribute to the Facebook page of the Alliance Party and commented on online sectarian posts regarding South Belfast MLA Anna Lo in a not so sympathetic manner:

Bizarrely rather than comment on the clearly racist post by 'Jonathan Boyd' Mr.Poots then claimed that he had in the past been the victim of a 'hate campaign' including threats of rape. He then went on to claim that members of the Alliance party had been part of this hate campaign.

We would like to make it clear that we utterly condemn any form of abuse or threats but would point out that Mr. Poots has made allegations in the past without producing any evidence whatsoever. We would also question the wisdom of making such claims on a social networking site but we leave it to others to speculate on Mr. Poots' motives.

According to today's Irish News the Alliance Party are seeking "clarification" on Mr. Poots' posts

Today however things took a new turn when Mr. Poots not only repeated his claims but also stated on his Facebook page that: 

 "the group that posted a lot of the material online engaged in regular discussion with Alliance party members who like to run me down and I quote one of their staffs (sic) responses to the group who were making fun of these allegations such as rape (which is by no means funny or a joke) "im a bit in love with @******* now. Great posts!" "
We assume that he is referring to this exchange with Slugger O'Toole writer David McCann who had just published an interview with a few of us here at LAD.

As you can see the Alliance staffer was not writing to us at all and Mr. Poots really should consult a dictionary for a definition of slander.

We would like to make a few things clear:

  1. There is no connection between LAD and the Alliance Party. In fact there is no connection between LAD and any political party. As you know we abhor democracy so why would we support a political party? We asked Alliance Chief Whip Stewart Dickson for a comment and he said "We have no connection with LAD."
  2. We have never been involved in any threats towards Luke Poots and if any such threats were made we condemn them unservedly.

Today Health Minister Edwin Poots claimed on his Facebook page that complaints had been made to the PSNI regarding threats to his son:

If any complaints have been made to the PSNI (as Edwin Poots claimed back in November) we will be pleased to assist them with their enquiries.

Ulster Star November 22 2013
All of this leads us to ask the following questions:

1. When was a complaint made to the PSNI and what was their response?

2. What evidence exists of these alleged threats and when will it be made available to the public?

3. What evidence exists of our involvement in any such threats (should they exist)?

4. What evidence exists of a link between the Alliance Party and LAD?

We look forward to hearing the answers.


Well furst off I get asked to write stuff all the time by the media, dozens off phone calls nearly every week by the likes of the New York Times and the Rolling Stones but as youse know I’ve me hands full dealing with the enemies of Ulster here in Ulster without the Yanks wasting my time to. Having said that its about time LAD invited me til do a guest blog cos it seems every yellow bellied Lundy this side of Donaghadee has been doing one off late.
Belfast Telegraph,  17 August 2014
The GAA has been getting a lot of publicitty this week what with this Eastenders thing and its time us Protestants got our side aff the story over before our own childer are forced to play hurley like I was back in the day. I have seen the GAA inside and out and I can tell youse now it as dangerous a threat to Protestants as it ever was and youse can ask the two corporals who was murdoured by the Provies in Casement Park if youse don’t believe what I’m about to tell youse about the time a few years back, me and the wife got lost in durty Dublin and ended up on the pitch with a bunch of yahoos from every hole in the hedge this side of Portadown. Now fair enough Armagh bate Kerry fair and square that day and right enough Sam Maguire was some kind of Protestant but how is it the likes of Slab Murphy is aloud to wander around Croke Park carrying a bazooka, I ask youse. Wullie, you wee black and ginger bastard, he says. Come here til I kiss you, this is the best day of my life, better even than the day we got your da. I wudn’t kiss Slab Murphy for a tanker load of poteen I can tell you. I ripped up my season ticket there and then and I haven’t set foot in the Croker since, apart from the time Loughgiel won the hurling but that’s another story.
Kingsmill has to be won of the worse things the Provies ever done certainly round these parts it must be said, so its about time the victims got there chance in court and I can only take most aff the credit, theres a few others whose helped out two. What this survival fella Alan Black is after saying about security force collusion is a load of dog durt, I can reasshoor youse this here and now. There was no security force collusion or else the job wud have been done good and proper and every papist from here to the bogside wud be six foot under. I know where this nonsense about Captain Nairac came from for wasn’t it only me who fed it til the HET after being duped by the Provies?

News Letter,  22 August 2010
I was down one day, a brave few years back it wud of been, helping the wife to get her toes nails clipped when we stopped aff in Culloville to fill up the Saracen. And who should be over working the pumps for the summer but your man Jamie Carragher and a big Champions League medal round his neck, the only medal he ever won two. I was shooting the breeze with him about the whole football thing while the wife went in til buy some vodka. The next thing yon hallion McConville and a rake of boys pulled up in a souped up tractor and started giving young Jamie dog abuse. Take your foreign games back over the water, you turncoat. We’ve more medals than you, Up the Provies and the like. First aff I thought they were shouting at me for right enough I only ever won the won medal with Whitecross. Then yer man Carragher bust out crying like a big scouse baby and I caught on them ignorant hoors were totally blanking me for til shout at this nobody. Next thing Jamie begs me and the wife to give him a lift up to George Best international. I thought he was only going up to pay his respects to our Geordie but it turns out he wanted to get out of this God sorefuken country once and for all, before his cousins forced him in til driving tankers.
Jamie Carragher, pictured in Culloville
Well hop in I says, this is no place for an Englishman even one with contminanated rebel blood. We cracked open the vodka on the way up to the bus station in Newry and the conversation gets round til the disappeered. Next thing yer man Jamie just opens up til me and says Wille, I know your a good man and a true Ulster loyalist, so hear’s my tail. One of the dissapeered a smelly tinker called they call the captain whose an Englishman like myself, is alive and well and living up in my uncles barn where he’s washing diesel and mixing explosives round the clock. This boy went to some posh school over the water and he’s always mocking me about my silly winey accent. Another thing Willie, he’s forever bragging about the time he stiffed ten Prods at Kingsmill just to prove his loyalty to the jesuit cause. I was going to ask Jamie more about this but then the wife drove over a motorbike in the bus station carpark so we’d to get shot of Jamie right and quick before someone writ down our license plate. I never seen him again apart from when he was playing for Liverpool on the TV but I’m convinced his story is a load of IRA properganda, which is why I told it to the HET and then the News Letter. It’s a quare strange world we live in I can tell you, and theres no one who get its quarer than us victims, which is why I’m accepting checks on their behalf.

Good night, god bless and Quis Seperabit.

Wm Frazer.
This morning as normal I checked twitter, I  love how you can grab the news headlines from many different sources right there in your twitter feed, so much handier than actually having to pop to the shop and buy all the papers. One story in particular grabbed my attention.  Read here

The article contains the following statement from Anna Lo who is the Alliance Party spokesperson on the environment

"Alliance agrees that we should take down election posters on the route of the Giro d'Italia for the duration of the race if there is agreement from all political parties. However, if there is cross party agreement on this, then we should also look to take down flags and paramilitary murals along the route.
"The very same arguments that politicians have been making about taking down election posters to showcase Northern Ireland and our beautiful scenery, also applies to flags and paramilitary murals"
"Do we really want these images to be visible on the route when millions of people will be watching the race on television? Why would we spend money on improving derelict buildings but not deal with threatening and intimidating paramilitary murals?
"If all parties agree to take down election posters, then we should also look to take down the flags that are on the same lamp posts. People are tired of flags being used to mark territory and intimidate local people. This is not the image that we want to be sending out to the world during such a prestigious event," 
"The Giro d'Italia provides us with a great opportunity to show that Northern Ireland has moved beyond the politics of the past. As political parties were so willing to support the ban on election posters along the route, I hope they will show similar support for a ban on flags and paramilitary murals."
Now I read this and thought there is sensible suggestion, surely if the route of one of the most prestigious cycling races in the world passes by a mural that could be considered to be in support of a paramilitary organisation then some attempt should be made to cover it up. Now don't for a second suggest that I may be a little naive, Im only too aware that there is a substantial tourist industry built around visiting murals in this city, and I actually think that tourism based around the past is a good thing as long as it is done tastefully, but there are a couple of murals in particular along the route of the opening stage that promote a proscribed organisation, which in my opinion are being used in an attempt to mark out territory and intimidate people. So in my mind Anna Lo is right to make this suggestion. 

An example of a mural the race will pass

Giro D'Italia Day 1 Belfast
Now I know that not everyone reading this will not share my view and you are entitled to your opinion and should you wish make that opinion known please feel free to comment below, but please refrain from personal or racist attacks like these:

This selection of comments were taken from the Facebook page Proud to be a protestant banter, who posted a status attacking the stance taken by Ms Lo. 
The original status update which has now been edited 

Alarming isn't it that in 2014 this is the type of banter that proud protestants think is ok to have on a social media site. 

Anna Lo was born in Hong Kong in 1950, at this time Hong Kong was a British territory, she has been an MLA since 2007 and has recently announced that she will run in the forthcoming European elections. She has resided in Northern Ireland for over 30 years and works tirelessly for the local community as both an elected representative and a social worker.   

Professional reactionary fuckwit, William Frederick Frazer, has made a career out of gobsmacking ineptitude, but we never thought he'd ever top this one...

Frazer mistakes Italian Flag for Irish Tricolour

 He never apologised

How wrong we were. Today Willie the Wounderman slammed Eastenders, the long-running BBC soap, for "promoting terror" by dressing one of their actors in paramilitary garb and putting them in front of a camera. 

To make matters even more ball-clenchingly embarrassing for the rest of us, Frazer took to the official Eastenders Facebook page to show the rest of the world what a crowd of loons we have living amongst us (although to be fair, if you ever find yourself on the Eastenders FB page, making comments about current story lines, then you deserve to meet nutters like Wee Willie Tazer).

People demurred, telling Willie that he was wrong. Happily he clarified his position...

Anyway, you've probably guessed where this is going. Yup...it's not a GAA shirt (although even if it were, it still wouldn't make his comments any less hateful). It's actually the PE top of a school in Ballymena that lists Liam Neeson among its ex-alumni. 

We had a look and found some shocking examples of these young terrorists parading around in their terror tops. Here's a crowd of them playing really taigy sports like, er, rugby.

St. Patrick's Ballymena Rugby team

 Another Catholic school, another idiotic accusation.

 Keep up the great work, Willie! 

Today Rub McGee and his cohorts in the so-called Protestant Coalition accused us of misleading the public and well... theft.

A load of old bollocks. Well spotted 'Andrew'
Rub (who on occasions, when it suits him, denies being part of the "coalition") even sent us a PM via our Facebook page:
Rub's PM's to us. We have loads of this shit.
(The 'David Jeffries'  comment is in relation to the PC's reporting of the announcement that David Jeffrey will stand down as Linfield Manager at the end of the current season)
Let's make this very simple for Rub:

1. Yes we are currently writing a book and as is traditional in publishing we may make a few bob from if it's any good and people buy it. None of the proceeds will go to charity.

2. In December we released a charity single which was pulled by our distributors after a campaign orchestrated by various loyalists who labelled the song "sectarian". The lyrics are here and the chief protagonist named here. The full story was published here.

We have always been 100% transparent about the song

As we said at the time we will donate all money raised anonymously (that's ALL money - not profits - we did it all for free) to a local charity and arrange to hand the proceeds over via a local journalist to ensure full transparency.

That is still our intention.

To date no sales have been registered for the song. Here's a screenshot from our distributors website which explains why:

Information regarding sales data. Song released December - sales data not available until 50 days after end of month

Here are two screenshots from our admin panel (please note date and time)

Last December overview - showing 'taken down'
Total sales showing as of today - zero!
So Rub: as usual you are fucking wrong.

We shall expect an apology on your shitty Facebook page forthwith.

In the meantime we will reserve you a copy of our book.

Here's our video for the song featuring a guest appearance from Tim McGarry

We would love it if you donated a few quid to our original chosen charity SOS Bus NI. They deserve your support. Just click here and tell them LAD sent you.


People of Carrickfergus we have found your new leader

Gareth Cole, PUP candidate for Carrickfergus Council

Meet Gareth Cole who has recently been selected as the PUP candidate in Carrickfergus for May's council elections.

To date, the PUP has never received more than 565 votes in the previous elections, since 1993. We here at LAD are confident that given Gareth's "progressive" approach, this underwhelming mandate can be achieved again.

Let's start with Mr. Cole's activities last night (13/2/2014) when he decided his election priority was to erect  more flegs without permission or consultation with local residents.

Gareth Cole, PUP - another tiny erection

Thankfully young Gareth's Facebook page was wide open at the time of writing so we will let him tell you all about his "progressive" unionist views:

Gareth welcomes all to 'loyalist' Carrickfergus
Presumably a 'taig' was in attendance
Gareth Cole, media darling
Sinn Fein IRA
Ah 'taigs' with cameras - well done Gareth Cole
No links at all between the PUP and UVF. No really
An alarming obsession with flegs
'Inclusivity' is a watchword of Gareth Cole

Niall Ó Donnghaile - Gareth loves him

Gareth Cole's Twitter account is particularly hilarious.

Today we asked him if he was ever an admin on the ultra sectarian Carrickfergus United Loyalists Facebook page.

We don't believe him. What do you think?

GC is no fan of the PSNI either:

Well done Gareth.

Good luck in the council elections.