There are many differing opinions of L.A.D. and our objectives, not all of which are complimentary or printable but let us assure you now, we remain committed to undemocracy of the highest level and all the benefits that brings.  Democracy does not work and we will continue to expose the lies and inefficiency of the Northern Ireland super council at Stormont.

That aside, L.A.D. were at a loss for words (only briefly) last night, as UKIP's only elected representative in Are Wee Country, Henry Reilly, fired this tweet off.

We gave it a number of reads before deciding Henry must be using a stereophonic PCM digital algorithmic encryption program to make his tweets unintelligible to others.  As MI5 provide us with all our technology, we know this sort of thing is available so well done to Henry on that point.  Anyway, as everyone knows, elections are won and lost on pictures so again, well done.

We told Henry we were somewhat at a loss for words regarding his mildly spurious claim.  Everyone knows that any self-respecting secret service operative would never reveal such sensitive information for risk of being 'retired'.  All you have to do is watch James Bond or the Ipcress File or something and it pretty much tells you how it is with secret services.

L.A.D. MI5 Agents?

The tweets became more bizarre as the evening wore on, prompting some account users to express concern for Henry's well-being.  Then this one appeared. 

As a result, all L.A.D. operatives have been called into are HQ at an undisclosed location in Hollywood (sic), and questioned using truth drugs and electric shocks and stuff, and we can confirm nobody has gone rogue and started threatening to destroy people or even other countries.

Uhhh, are signs of paranoia starting to show here?  L.A.D. is the establishment?  Certainly not.  L.A.D. is a diverse group of loyal men and women who see the true futility of democracy.  We certainly do not promote the killing of unionists as Henry goes on to claim.  Not sure what the UK cause is either.  Perhaps he means the Westminster government or something.

We asked Reilly today, if he wished to explain his comments, more to rule out the involvement of an intoxicant than any other reason, but he resolutely stood by what he had said and also had the cheek to insinee inua claim we're publicans wankers.  So in the space of 12 hours or so, we've gone from being secret agents, tasked with the re-election of Nigel Dodds, to publican wankers.

Henry continues to copy L.A.D. on his tweets tonight and now we're part of the AK47 brigade.

If you're feeling a little blue, you could always cheer yourself up and read some of Henry's tweets.  Just don't look for any reasoned debate.

Some of you may remember that he came to national prominence a few weeks ago when he fired off a tweet in support of the Assad regime in Syria.

The tweet was picked up by the influential anti far right blog Hope Not Hate and when contacted by the Belfast Telegraph, Reilly was unrepentant yet unable to explain why he removed his tweet. The UKIP Councillor caused controversy earlier this year after branding journalists as "Provos" during a council meeting.

Back to tonight and Reilly, as well as claiming L.A.D. are in the AK47 brigade (does that mean he is implying we are in a proscribed organisation?) has, in the space of a matter of hours labelled Basil McCrea and NI21 'Republican Terror apologists' and a PUP Representative (and ourselves) "Communists".  In recent days, he has also taken issue with those who have been  educated in the maintained sector.

UKIP has recently announced that Henry Reilly will be their candidate in Northern Ireland for next year's European Parliament Election.  From his tweets, he would appear to be trying to woo a very small section of the electorate quite why anyone of sound mind would vote for this candidate is a mystery.  L.A.D. would question whether or not UKIP are aware of their candidate's behaviour?

They say no publicity is bad publicity and if that's the case, here we have a one-man PR dynamo.  We wonder what the electorate of Northern Ireland will make of Reilly and his bizarre, ill-conceived bollocks.

Henry Reilly UKIP Candidate for Northern Ireland European Parliament