Sunday Life - December 1st 2013

If you have just discovered LAD via the Sunday Life we thought we'd give an update on where we are now and all the places you can keep up to date with LAD:


Despite multiple attempts to get rid of us we are back and bigger than ever on Facebook with over 10,000 likes and a 'reach' of over a quarter of a million people. We're like a bad cold that won't go away. Our current page has been active for just over 6 weeks now.


We've recently signed up to Tumblr and you can get your LAD fix there too.


The LAD Twitter is going from strength to strength with nearly 7,000 followers. We even got tweet of the week on The View!


We've just passed the 1,000 subscriber mark on Youtube. If you're not already subscribed make sure you do as we've big things planned!

Coming Soon: The LAD Christmas Song

Our charity Christmas single will be released on Sunday 8th December and will be available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and We7. The song is a cover of Wham's Last Christmas and is full of fleggy goodness.
LAD Christmas Single: Last December by Paramilitary Wives - released Sunday 8th December 2013