In 2009 British soldiers Patrick Azimkar, 21, and 23-year-old Mark Quinsey of the 38th Engineer Regiment were enjoying their last few hours of peace at Massereene barracks in Antrim before they were to be deployed to Afghanistan.

Already dressed in their desert camo gear they opened the gates of the barracks to collect pizzas they had ordered when two scumbags from what is called The Real IRA opened fire from a car with an AK-47 firing a total of 60 rounds. Azimkar and Quinsey were killed in this cowardly attack, two pizza delivery drivers and two other soldiers were wounded. 

The two men arrested for this were acquitted because well, is DNA really "evidence?" Just because yer DNA is on matches in a partially burnt out car used in the murders or on a seat belt, the mobile phone that was used or inside the finger of a latex glove in the car doesn't mean you did it .....

Someone might have given you a hand job or a good satisfying fisting then went and shot some soldiers and drove the car. 

Marian McGlinchey aged 59 (formerly Marian Price) was part of an IRA unit who planted car bombs outside the Old Bailey courts in London in 1973. She was released early from her life sentence but in 2009 she was caught on CCTV buying a cell phone used by the Real IRA to phone in responsibility for the murders of the two soldiers. All about accepting responsibility, because they are adults.

She admitted her part in the murders, well she didn't have a choice with her ugly mug on the telly buying the phone. 

The judge in this case Gordon Kerr QC took into consideration her physical and psychiatric problems and that sending her back to prison would only cause her psychotic depression .... oh no, we wouldn't want that.
He also said she was of low risk of re-offending and no longer interested in political activity.

To be a rabid Republican you have to be a few plates short of a dinner set but she was looking interested and healthy enough holding this speech in 2011.

So like the others in this case she walked free. I know she didn't physically pull the trigger or drove to the barracks but she played her part in killing those two young men just the same.  

Is this a case of the British government intervening so that the peace process isn't harmed? They tend to do that.

Maybe if the law was fair and handed out proper sentences instead of showing that you can get away with murder in Northern Ireland we wouldn't have so many problems and so many scumbags and their supporters on the streets.

McGlinchey has had a history of terrorist activities and has knowingly helped people get murdered, and so the judge thinks that 'she' should get away with it in case she got more depressed.

Leaving the likes of other scumbags such as Ruth Patterson and Gerry Kelly out of this for not being punished either for their minor but still unacceptable crimes this one stands on it's own.  

Should the law not be acting in the interest of the public or the victim's families rather than the perpetrators of crimes?