Professional reactionary fuckwit, William Frederick Frazer, has made a career out of gobsmacking ineptitude, but we never thought he'd ever top this one...

Frazer mistakes Italian Flag for Irish Tricolour

 He never apologised

How wrong we were. Today Willie the Wounderman slammed Eastenders, the long-running BBC soap, for "promoting terror" by dressing one of their actors in paramilitary garb and putting them in front of a camera. 

To make matters even more ball-clenchingly embarrassing for the rest of us, Frazer took to the official Eastenders Facebook page to show the rest of the world what a crowd of loons we have living amongst us (although to be fair, if you ever find yourself on the Eastenders FB page, making comments about current story lines, then you deserve to meet nutters like Wee Willie Tazer).

People demurred, telling Willie that he was wrong. Happily he clarified his position...

Anyway, you've probably guessed where this is going.'s not a GAA shirt (although even if it were, it still wouldn't make his comments any less hateful). It's actually the PE top of a school in Ballymena that lists Liam Neeson among its ex-alumni. 

We had a look and found some shocking examples of these young terrorists parading around in their terror tops. Here's a crowd of them playing really taigy sports like, er, rugby.

St. Patrick's Ballymena Rugby team

 Another Catholic school, another idiotic accusation.

 Keep up the great work, Willie! 

Today Rub McGee and his cohorts in the so-called Protestant Coalition accused us of misleading the public and well... theft.

A load of old bollocks. Well spotted 'Andrew'
Rub (who on occasions, when it suits him, denies being part of the "coalition") even sent us a PM via our Facebook page:
Rub's PM's to us. We have loads of this shit.
(The 'David Jeffries'  comment is in relation to the PC's reporting of the announcement that David Jeffrey will stand down as Linfield Manager at the end of the current season)
Let's make this very simple for Rub:

1. Yes we are currently writing a book and as is traditional in publishing we may make a few bob from if it's any good and people buy it. None of the proceeds will go to charity.

2. In December we released a charity single which was pulled by our distributors after a campaign orchestrated by various loyalists who labelled the song "sectarian". The lyrics are here and the chief protagonist named here. The full story was published here.

We have always been 100% transparent about the song

As we said at the time we will donate all money raised anonymously (that's ALL money - not profits - we did it all for free) to a local charity and arrange to hand the proceeds over via a local journalist to ensure full transparency.

That is still our intention.

To date no sales have been registered for the song. Here's a screenshot from our distributors website which explains why:

Information regarding sales data. Song released December - sales data not available until 50 days after end of month

Here are two screenshots from our admin panel (please note date and time)

Last December overview - showing 'taken down'
Total sales showing as of today - zero!
So Rub: as usual you are fucking wrong.

We shall expect an apology on your shitty Facebook page forthwith.

In the meantime we will reserve you a copy of our book.

Here's our video for the song featuring a guest appearance from Tim McGarry

We would love it if you donated a few quid to our original chosen charity SOS Bus NI. They deserve your support. Just click here and tell them LAD sent you.