With all their antics over the years, it's hard to feel sorry for loyal loyalists. But in this case, LAD does feel a pang of sympathy.

Once again they have been lied to by their so-called leaders. Most jarringly of all, those lies were designed to trick their loyal brethren into breaking the law, in a pathetic attempt to undermine the authority of the Parades Commission (PC). The PC had ruled to allow the loyalist "civil rights" march on Saturday September 21st but, presumably to appease exasperated city centre traders, had ordered the fleggers to begin their journey at 12.30, not 2pm as they had demanded. Cue ridiculous calls of "12.30 is too early" (12th of July Parades normally set off before 9am) and disparate flegger groups saying that they'd protest til 2pm before setting off. 

Rumours began circulating from a few key fleggers of a secret deal between parade organisers and cops who saw the early parade time as "unworkable", and this was quickly followed by a widely-shared Facebook post, apparently originating from Christine Lewis, naming the cops involved and confirming the original start time still stood. 
Then up-stepped the Protestant Coalition, gallant leaders of the disaffected PUL community. Chairman Sam  (So it is) McCrory informed followers on their Facebook page that he had spoken an unnamed source who confirmed the deal with the police. When pushed to identify his source he said it didn't matter. Er, yes it fucking does. Either you're deliberately lying to people or you've struck an illegal deal with Police in direct contravention of a PC ruling. At this, Sam cried havoc and let slip the lapdogs of wah. Funnily enough all these threads have been removed from the Protestant Coalition Facebook page.
Protestant Coalition - shit stirring
Off went little minions like Jack Ross and Christine Lewis, shamelessly telling anyone who'd listen that the original parade time had been reinstated, and that everyone should meet at City Hall for 1pm with the procession setting off at 2. 

We know the rest. 

Sam parted the sea of bemused onlookers and led his folk to the promised land of Twaddell, pumping out The Famine Song on Royal Avenue for good measure.

If LAD were a cop investigating this further breach of a PC ruling, we're pretty sure we'd know whose door to knock first.