Well furst off loyal brethern, I here Peter Robinson if after threatening to resign over this on the runs issue. Well Peter, whats keeping you? The Protestants of South armagh has been warning youse about these durty deals for years and what did the DUP do but cut off our money just cos I had the neck to spake out about these cut throats and gangsters running around the provance with there get out of jail free cards. The likes of myself and hundreds of other young fellas gets locked up in Maghaberry for piecefull protesting when every Sean, Deck and Paddy thats been hiding out in Dundalk these years is running about Newry the PSNI wont touch these boys for half off thems touts and informers. I dont believe Peter, that you has the balls to resign for it was only a couple of weeks ago the Brighton bomber was running about your constituency and you never said a word but anyways, lets hope you grow a set and we can start getting a bit of sense from the unionist leaders instead of constant consessions to the shinners.

Matter of fact, I was disscusting this issue of on the runs with this american journallist who came down till see me the other day. Normally I wudn’t bother with the Yanks for their up to there eye balls in Noraid all but this fella Henry Rollins toul me he was into bands and flags and he’s a judge for Times magazine Man of the year contest. Now I don’t read the Times but wee Protestants have to get our story across cos all the Americans ever here on there news is Provie propaganda.

Me and Henry Rollins
Henry came down till mate me in Newton Hamilton one of the towns that republicans has done there dammdest til destroy and the furst thing I says is to go for a wee down drive round bandit country to see the lawlessness there. The wife had the Saracen for the day so we took the jeep and headed for Cross, a right roges gallery along the way I can tell youse, there was Dominic Mcglinchey putting a load of horses onto one of slabs lorries for to take them to the slautterhouse, we seen that butcher Dessie O’Hare driving a load of diesel and yer man who blew up Lord Mountbatten selling smugelled cigars right outside the police station and where was the PSNI in all this but checking my tax and insurance. I tried to explain all this to yer man Henry, how McGlinchey faked his own death and the free State government covered it up so he cud carry on mordoorin Protestants, but he had this punk music turned up so loud I cudn’t even hear myself think strait, let alone remember to dump all my empties on the pitch at the rangers club. 

Finally I says til Henry, if you don’t knock that shite aff youll be walking back til your car. That seemed til have done the trick for he nocked it aff and toul it was my turn anyways. I starts playing him some real Ulster band tunes and I can tell youse one thing, the rebels down in Cross didn’t like it one bit for the durty looks them tinkers was giving us was something else, not that it bothers me anyway as youse know. Well Henry’s band was called Black flag and he wasn’t long showing his true republican colours for after bearly five or six of the best loyalist tunes he jumps out and says he wud walk back til his car anyways and he wudn’t even give me so much as the two hundred dollars I was looking for diesel . You wud wonder how these these Noraid wannabes come to have so much hatred and intolerants for are culture here in Ulster, I do think it is just pure jeloussy. After all we have give them about twenty presidents and the best they can do is thon tramp JFK whos picture i use for target practice if I have run out of popes.

Me at home
I hope by the time youse read this Peter Robinson has got the balls to do the right thing and tell the Shinners where to go, just like is after happening in the Ukrain but seriously I doubt it, all he is after is keeping other men away from his money grabbing wife. We need strong leaders in this country, ones who know who to drive tanks and shoot sniper rifles, men who wont be bullied or bought off, even if it means loosing any chance I ever had of winning Time magazine Man of the Year compostition.

No surrender as always.

Wm Frazer.
Pic via https://twitter.com/molloy1916

So Nigel Dodds knows nahim.

Gregory Campbell knows nahim.

Jim Allister knows nahim although he says that Nigel Dodds and Gregory Campbell are lying when they say that they know nahim.

Tom Elliott knows nahim either and says it's all a disgrace.

Peter Robinson knows nahim and he's threatening to resign because no-one told him what he doesn't know.

Teresa Villiers knows nahim and says that it's all been passed to David Ford to sort out.

David Ford says he knows nahim about sorting out what Teresa Villiers is on about.

Gerry Kelly says everyone is talking shite when they say they knew nahim.

Meanwhile Danny Morrison says everyone knew everyhing.

 Mr. Morrison may well be correct.

In 2008 Tony Blair's former Chief of Staff published his memoir 'Great Hatred, Little Room: Making Peace in Northern Ireland" available here

The book contained the following passage:

Presumably Dodds, Allister, Campbell, Robinson, Elliott et al were made aware of this book and what it alleges. They are politicians after all and they do have advisors.

Why did they say nahim at the time?

Why are these matters being dredged up now?

I'm saying nahim