Ex-BNP fund raiser Jim Dowson was in Scarva on July 13th, 2013 ostensibly collecting money for the Help For Heroes charity.

Jim Dowson and Paul Golding, Scarva, Northern Ireland, July 13th 2013

Dowson on leaving the BNP went on to set up the odious Britain First group and installed his loyal henchman Paul Golding as party chairman . Pictures of Dowson and Golding at the  "loyalist festival" in Scarva  were posted on the Britain First facebook page.


More recently Dowson was involved in  the Northern Ireland fleg protests and is currently out on bail for his rabble-rousing antics.

He has also set up the so-called Protestant Coalition, another money making device that has attracted the support of renowned 'victims campaigner' and general nutcase Wee Willie Frazer.

We have a few questions regarding the Scarva street collection:

  1. Was permission given by the PSNI?
  2. Why are neither Dowson or Golding wearing any forms of i.d.?
  3. What happened to the money?

We contacted Help For Heroes and they made it clear that they do not want their charity associated with any political cause. Dowson is no stranger to attempting to align himself to popular big name causes to further his own interests.

We await developments with interest.