OK, so we're guessing that you all want to know how LAD 2 rose from the ashes like a big non-taigy phoenix?

Well, it seems that we have admirers in the papist media who went to Facebook and asked them why they'd taken down the premier loyalist page whilst others, particularly those hosting death threats directed at a couple of fleg-stealing kids, remained.

Facebook sez this til them "Although there has been some content on this Page which did violate Facebook’s policies and was therefore removed, the Page itself was removed in error. It has been restored and the admins have been notified"

As a way off celebrating wee plan on marching down Garavaghy arm-in-arm with Trimble and Paisley triumphantly in an entirely non-triumphalist manner. Then we're gonna go home and fucking wreck are own area.

Thanks til the soap-dodging bead rattlers at the Irish News (where were you, News Letter, huh?) particularly Andrea McKernon. Apparently there'll be a story in the paper the morra.
We'd also like to thank Gareth Bail for his help, and finally all you LADs out there for sticking with us through it all. You truly are a pack of C.U.N.T.s

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