People rights us off and says we have no leaders and we has no direction but we has No Surrender and we have flegs and also we have spies in Stormount that tells us things that is going on that they try to keep secret from us.

Are top secret head spy has just sent us plans to further deginate derigrade demigra unrespect are culture and Orange Orders and stuff.  Theres a Merican man called Has who is a diplomat that has come to are Wee Country to try and stop are culture being given to the Roman Catholics and painted green and to make a road map to the future or something.

The DUP think we are blind to the plans they are keeping secret from us but now we know that they are selling L.A.D and the Orange Orders down the Lagan.  Below is a computer generated model of the new her Magesty The Queens Highway.  Are spy is trying to get more details for what the PSNIRA and DUPIRA and Has are wanting to do with these but we think it will make a mess of are glorious culture to march.

There wil be more news when we have hear from our spy again.

A road to nowhere?