Former BNP man Jim Dowson's so-called Protestant Coalition are no strangers to being economical with the truth, in other words they are lying bastarbs.

Over the past few days they have declared war on Facebook claiming the social media site is victimising the 'PUL' community (whatever the fuck that is).

Today they have claimed that Facebook have removed their 'official crest' and for the past 24 hours ran their page 'crestless' only to change it today to a new profile pic proclaiming 'Northern Ireland is British' (which bizarrely reads as 'Ireland is British' when used as an avatar).

Protestant Coalition war on Facebook

As one might expect this is of course absolute bollocks.

A cursory glance at the photos section on their Facebook page reveals that while a new profile pic was uploaded today (2nd August 2013) the original 'crest' is still there in all it's glory - proudly claiming 'Principle Before Politics'.

Protestant Coalition 'removed' crest

Who do these arseholes think they are  kidding? Quite a lot sadly given the success of their previous like and share spam campaign.

Dowson  claimed in yesterday's Irish News that he will making his way to Dublin to lodge a formal complaint with Facebook at their official European HQ.

Thanks Jim but we really don't need any help from C.U.N.T.s like you.

Read our blog from August 1st 2013 for instructions on how to report these shameless lying spammers.