LAD are well-used to reading ridiculous stuff on Facebook sites, and in letters loyalists and UKIP councillors send to our MI5 office in Holywood.  Strangely enough, the republicans haven't realised we're there.  They tend to cover a wide range of  subjects, including hate, paranoia, sectarianism and flegs.  Recent comments from popular local childrens entertainer, William Humphrey Dumbty, MLA, have us stumped though.  You can see the article in question here.

William Humphrey Dumbty is angry

Mr Dumbty, who has his finger in the pulse of loyalist anger, has been reading up on Tha Arts and although he can't remember the last film or play he saw (probably the Nativity play he was in at primary school) he is quite the expert on Tha Arts because he visited a theatre with the Starmount Culture, Toys and Games Committee to make sure that that Carrul McCoolin wumman isn't spending money on Taigy things.  He might have one of them 'Loyalist Filter' gadget things too but that's just specliation.

Humphrey Dumbty reckons that local theatres don't do enough for the wurkin class loyal Pradisan because they keep putting on lots of high brow stuff with no marching and that.  It must stop!  Theatres has a obligashin to teach wurking class loyal Pradisans about the "concept of Tha Arts".  Theatres is failing the people of Ballygomartin, Ballymurphy and Ballymacarrett.

LAD thinks William Humphrey Dumbty should go to a play and tell us what it is like and if there are pictures and bands and a march and that, then it might be good for LAD.   We don't see why posh Taigs and some Pradisan Lundys who have turned they're backs on the wurking class Pradisans, to go and live on the Malone Road, should get all the money for things they like.  Wurkin class loyal Pradisans don't get any money for The Arts. So it's not fair so it is.