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So Nigel Dodds knows nahim.

Gregory Campbell knows nahim.

Jim Allister knows nahim although he says that Nigel Dodds and Gregory Campbell are lying when they say that they know nahim.

Tom Elliott knows nahim either and says it's all a disgrace.

Peter Robinson knows nahim and he's threatening to resign because no-one told him what he doesn't know.

Teresa Villiers knows nahim and says that it's all been passed to David Ford to sort out.

David Ford says he knows nahim about sorting out what Teresa Villiers is on about.

Gerry Kelly says everyone is talking shite when they say they knew nahim.

Meanwhile Danny Morrison says everyone knew everyhing.

 Mr. Morrison may well be correct.

In 2008 Tony Blair's former Chief of Staff published his memoir 'Great Hatred, Little Room: Making Peace in Northern Ireland" available here

The book contained the following passage:

Presumably Dodds, Allister, Campbell, Robinson, Elliott et al were made aware of this book and what it alleges. They are politicians after all and they do have advisors.

Why did they say nahim at the time?

Why are these matters being dredged up now?

I'm saying nahim