Professional reactionary fuckwit, William Frederick Frazer, has made a career out of gobsmacking ineptitude, but we never thought he'd ever top this one...

Frazer mistakes Italian Flag for Irish Tricolour

 He never apologised

How wrong we were. Today Willie the Wounderman slammed Eastenders, the long-running BBC soap, for "promoting terror" by dressing one of their actors in paramilitary garb and putting them in front of a camera. 

To make matters even more ball-clenchingly embarrassing for the rest of us, Frazer took to the official Eastenders Facebook page to show the rest of the world what a crowd of loons we have living amongst us (although to be fair, if you ever find yourself on the Eastenders FB page, making comments about current story lines, then you deserve to meet nutters like Wee Willie Tazer).

People demurred, telling Willie that he was wrong. Happily he clarified his position...

Anyway, you've probably guessed where this is going.'s not a GAA shirt (although even if it were, it still wouldn't make his comments any less hateful). It's actually the PE top of a school in Ballymena that lists Liam Neeson among its ex-alumni. 

We had a look and found some shocking examples of these young terrorists parading around in their terror tops. Here's a crowd of them playing really taigy sports like, er, rugby.

St. Patrick's Ballymena Rugby team

 Another Catholic school, another idiotic accusation.

 Keep up the great work, Willie!