The citizens of Carrickfergus really will be spoilt for choice come this May's council electons.

First there was the tale of the Unprogressive Unionist Party (uPUP) candidate Gareth Cole and his nocturnal fleg erecting activities and a dark history of posting inappropriate material on Facebook - including a suggestion that "it high time we blow UTV and newsline up the fenion (sic) loving bastards" Click here for the full story.

It seems the PUP are delighted that such a person should represent them and indeed one prominent council candidate, the fragrant and lovely Izzy Giles tweeted:

So far neither Mr. Cole nor the party have explained or apologised for any of Mr. Cole's posts.

We can only imagine what a proper political party would do were one of their election hopefuls to express a desire to blow up a TV newsroom or set fire to the former Lord Mayor of Belfast.

Not to be outdone the Undemocratic Unionist Party (uDUP) have now selected the charming Bobby Harrison-Rice as a council election candidate in Carrickfergus.

Some of you may recall that Mr. Harrison-Rice was forced to stand down as Vice Chairman of the Carrickfergus Policing and Community Safety Partnership when some of his rather unsavoury views were reported in the local press.

If you missed the posts here are Mr. Harrison-Rice's views on:






Lovely stuff.

The Belfast Telegraph yesterday reported that a uDUP source had confirmed Mr. Harrison-Rice will stand as a party candidate in the forthcoming council elections.

Interestingly the selection was not made by local members of the uDUP but was (we are told) a central office decision.

Asked about the the decision to stand Harrison-Rice the uDUP stated "We are presently going through the process of selection and when that's completed an announcement will be made in due course."

We can't wait.

Good luck Bobby.