Does anyone remember Jim (Dodgy) Dowson?

The Scottish shit-stirring windbag was very prominent in the early days of the fleg protests and was likely to be seen at Belfast City Hall wielding his trusty bucket collecting money for "loyalist prisoners" or whatever cause he was "supporting" that week.

Jim Dowson, shit-stirring Scottish C.U.N.T. (Citizen Under Nationalist Threat)
So successful was Dodgy at the old shit-stirring thing that he was swiftly arrested by the peelers - pretty much at the same time as fellow C.U.N.T.s (Citizens Under Nationalist Threat) Wee Jamie Bryson and Willie (The Tazer) Frazer.

Before getting involved in saving Belfast from the horror of Belfast City Hall only flying the Union Fleg on designated days (in common with other U.K. cities) Dowson (a former Calvinist Minister) had been involved in all sorts of dodgy money making schemes exposed by anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate.  His so-called Life League - an extremist anti-abortion group specialised in sending photographs of foetuses to schools and the like.

Jim Dowson - photographs of dead foetuses not pictured
Most famously Dowson was fund raiser for the BNP and managed the membership of the right-wing organisation from his HQ in Dundonald. Dowson subsequently fell out with Nick Griffin over, you guessed it money, but not before some high profile industrial tribunal cases, claims that Dowson "owned" the BNP and rows over European funding. Dowson finally 'quit' the BNP (he claims he was never a member!) " after being accused of groping a blonde activist".

Before leaving the BNP in 2010 the Scottish Daily Record published an expose of Dowson detailing his criminal convictions including breach of the peace in 1986, possession of a weapon and breach of the peace in 1991 and criminal damage in 1992. He was forced out of his local Orange Lodge and took part in demonstrations against fellow Orangemen, attacking them as "atheists and boozers" after he was "born again".

Dowson subsequently set up a rival far right racist group called 'Britain First' in 2011 with fellow BNP outcast and trusted lapdog Paul Golding using the database of contacts he had gathered in his Dundonald operation to secure support - and funding.

After his arrest in March 2013 Dowson set up an offshoot of Britain First - the Protestant Coalition with fellow hardliners Wee Willie Frazer, former UPRG man Davy Nicholl, Tiger's Bay Loyalist Bill (Bollocks) Hill, Woodvale self-confessed "dangerous man" Rab McKee and notably Paul Golding.

Dowson claimed that everyone was welcome to join the Protestant Coalition!

Protestant Coalition registration forms showing Jim Dowson as 'Leader' and Paul Golding as 'Treasurer'
Before long Dowson (and his new friends) were up to his old tricks:

1. The Bucket is Back

Jim Dowson and Paul Golding collecting money for Help The Heroes at Scarva in July 2013
2. Claiming victory over the PSNI

The Protestant Coalition, claiming violence against the PSNI is justified
3. Putting up misleading shit-stirring photographs

The Protestant Coalition: shit stirring bollocks
 4. Exploiting the tragedy of Omagh

The Omagh Bombing: All Catholics were to blame
Jim Dowson's time at the Protestant Coalition came after a very public row on social media with the PUP's Izzy Giles when he launched a series of homophobic tirades.

It's worth pointing out at this point that as part of Dowson's bail conditions he is banned from using social media. Izzy was unconvinced that Jim was obeying this ruling.

I'm not Jim Dowson - honest officer
Not long after the Protestant Coalition apologised for Dowson's rant and quickly thereafter Dowson ostensibly left the party. We have it on very very good authority that Dowson was told to step down by "the boys".

Dowson has due to his bail conditions been quiet in Northern Ireland of late but has found other ways to stay active notably via the Facebook account of one 'Alice Dowson'. Other loyalists (even Twat King Cole) have been quick to pick up on this but to the best of our knowledge no action against 'Alice' has been taken by the authorities.

I'm still not Jim Dowson, my name is 'Alice', said Jim
Yesterday the world was rocked to learn that one of the few remaining members of the Protestant Coalition, Rab McGee had quit citing "health and family problems" (but no mention of a run in with some paramilitaries last week).

With Hill, Golding and Nicholl leaving during 2013 that only leaves Willie Frazer (and possibly So It Is Sam) from the remaining "Gang Of Shite".

Rub McGee, surrender monkey
But what of Dowson?

As 'Alice' he continues to share the fascist filth peddled on Britain First's vile Facebook page.

Alice Dowson - definitely NAT Jim Dowson. Really
And the big news: Jim is back in the fleg game telling Britain First's 131,000 gullible Facebook followers that "every town in Ulster has 'British zones' and in these areas people feel united and safe" - try telling that to the people of Carrick and Larne Jim! 

Jim Dowson and Britain First. Horseshit.
We hope Dowson's bail conditions are relaxed soon and he is allowed to speak in public. He is the greatest advertisement for a liberal, tolerant, progressive pluralist society anyone could hope for.

The way we were. The Protestant Coalition: (L-R) So It Is Sam, Rub McGee, Wee Willie, Billy Bollocks, Cher (guest shit-stirrer), Dodgy