Our Facebook page 'Loyalists Against Demacracy' was closed without warning by Facebook last week.

We quickly launched a replacement 'Loyalists Against Damacracy' and some of our 5,000 Facebook likers mounted a campaign to highlight our plight.

Thankfully The Irish News took up the cause and contacted Facebook on our behalf.


WE are the people

The Irish News - Loyalists Against Democracy

(Sadly no word on L.A.D. 1, the original Loyalists Against Democracy which was closed without warning for no reason with 6,000 likers)
Remember the pic of the poor dog that had been 'used as bait' for illegal dogfighting in Northern Ireland according to the so-called Protestant Coalition?

Well look what we found.

The Protestant Coalition - Shameless
Whilst dog fighting is indeed wrong why is a so-called political party using innacurate emotive photographs to promote themselves through likes and shares on Facebook?

Principle before politics my fucking arse.