L.A.D. are delighted that the anti-democratic, anti-loyalist civil rights Parades Commission are considering an application for a civil rights march through the centre of Belfast during prime shappin time on Saturday 21st September.  We firmly believe that stopping non-loyalists shappin will bring about the return of are civil rights that was stripped of us along with are fleg.

Loyal Peoples Protests - who?

We aren't able to tell youse what civil rights was stripped but they're important because a peace civil rights camp is required.  L.A.D. keeps asking people like Jamie Bryson and Billy Hutchinson and the Orange Order and Ruth Patterson and other people who claim to present loyal Pradisans but none of them can tell us which rights are taken except are fleg.
Nigel Dodds MP & George Chittick, Orange Man from 1953
Votes DOES NOT WORK! but we will probably be voting for the DUP and maybe Jim Allister (because he came to Twoddle Peace Civil Rights Loyalist camp and brought KFC and that) when it comes to the next election time anyway.  The politicians and non-elected shit stirrers keep telling us themmuns always get what they want with acting da bollix so they do and Peter Robertson has proved with his leaflet about the Alliance stealing are fleg in a way and we have to get Alliance out.
Alliance party - bastarbs
Loyalist Peaceful Protesters (LLP) are committed to peaceful rebranding of loyalist parades 110%!  All 20 bands will play a selection of covers tunes including weans TV classics like In the Night Garden and Teletubbies, 80s game show tunes like the Generation Game, along with more unusual hymns.  This will be an all-inclusive event but you will need to bring your own Buckfast.

We hear about this shared space thing all the time and if the gay and lesbeens and the anti-terrment publicans and that fucking Irish Paddy day thing can go in the city centre, so can we.  Are civil right is as important as everyone else's civil right to march wherever we like. Even if we don't know whose organising it. L.A.D. are the most loyal of loyalists and we have never heard of the group who have applied for this parade. We asked the PUP and they could not confirm the individuals behind 'Loyal Peoples Protests' - the group who submitted the application to the Parades Commission.

Loyal Peoples Protests - who the fuck are you?
L.A.D. has been told that LLP are confident that a Saturday afternoon march will cause maximum disruption and affect not only non-loyalist shoppers, but all traders too.  LLP believe that wrecking are economy will bring about an equal society for all, specially for loyal Pradisan so they do.

Remember you can keep donating to are appeal for the Civil Rights Camp at Twaddell. The phone number is at the end of this video.

No surrender.