Since that fateful night in December when our beloved fleg was removed by Sinn Finn/IRA and the Allianz Party, LAD have had the pleasure of hosting screenshits from the highest echelons of fleggerdom. Many of these never-say-die 'no surrender' loyalists have in fact surrendered and this void has occasionally left us with the nightmare scenario of having to produce original content to keep LAD readers sated. You can imagine our delight, then, when we stumbled across the musings of a person so bitter and hate-filled, so scarily lacking in basic human characteristics such as empathy and compassion, that we initially assumed hers was a troll account, set up by mischievous rebels in an attempt to goad other loyalists into following in her horrific wake.

Sadly/happily she appears to be genuine, and as such has moved straight to the top of our flegging royal family tree. Included below are a few of her ridiculous diatribes from the past few months. The cherry on the cake (for now!) are the photographs she took after turning up to protest at a Catholic 'blessing of the graves' ceremony. Most fleggers are a bit fucked up, but we're pretty sure that even the average loyal son of Ulster would baulk at her threat to "anoint the graves with pish". This annual loyalist pilgrimage of hate has been going on for years and has been reported by the BBC and the Irish News.

The great irony here is that this sort of behaviour will only serve to alienate her further from the decent Protestant voting base whom she continues to berate for their apathy in the face of an ongoing cultural genocide that only she can discern.
To Christine, LAD salute you. Thanks for saving us the hassle of having to shine a light on bigotry, your posts are like a foghorn in the gloaming.
To everyone else, enjoy her while it lasts, as this level of hatred can only go on so long, as Ruth Patterson realised all too late.