We have organised a series of fund raising events for the peaceful protesters at the Twaddell Avenue "Civil Rights" Camp.

Already the press coverage has been tremendous and our mascot Prodsey Bear has been turning up everywhere.

Watch this space for further developments.

LAD Orange Aid Brethren in Need
Prodsey Bear at Twaddell
Prodsey Bear with the Protestant Coalition
Jonathan  Bell-End, Prodsey Bear, Ronseal Ruth Patterson and Minister for Disasters Edwin Poots
Prodsey Bear in The Belfast Newsletter
Orange Aid Concert Line-up revealed
Charity single coming soon - watch this space

I haven't seen any glaring errors in the Irish News as yet. This may change but you will be the first to know.
As a respectable and forward-thinking Meenister, committed to furthering our society through positive political dialogue, progressive legislation and inclusive policies, I am all too aware of the concepts of tolerance, diplomacy and respect. This applies to all aspects of public life, as members of the loyal and glorious Semblie can attest to (even Jim Allister).
Popular moderate
In the instant age of social media, it's important to exert a level of control on posts, tweets, and such. All DUP representatives attend a mandatory 15 minute media training course to ensure we don't say things we may regret at a later time and, with the exception of Gregory Campbell obsessing over Celtic football fans in Scotland, the training has proved most effective.
It is sad to see that other parties don't place the same emphasis on such matters. Take UKIP for example, a party seemingly intent on self destruction, aided by selecting candidates who often demonstrate attitudes which, although acceptable during the times of the British Raj, certainly have no place in the 21st century.
While UKIP has no elected MLAs in the loyal glorious province ó Oólstúr (remember, nobody voted David McNasty in on a UKIP ticket) they do have a single councillor in the shape of Henry Reilly and with almost 300 members, this puts them just behind the DUP in the popularity stakes. I've been trying to convince Glorious Leader Pete that the DUP should re-band with similarly lurid colours and an old shop logo, in an effort to revitalise the party. Since UKIP have already taken Poundstretcher, I thought What Everyone Wants would make a suitable alternative.
The party recently announced Henry Reilly is to stand as their candidate for next year's European elections. This would seem to indicate that the UKIP/TUV pact proposed by the deputy party leader, Paul Nuttall, has been abandoned. Perhaps Jim Allister was not impressed with Reilly's credentials though I can't imagine why. He seems like the consummate statesman as the following tweet illustrates.
Subtle irony is so last year
This follows on from a Facebook comment in response to well known pizza delivery boy, Jamie Bryson, in which Bryson was somewhat uncomplimentary about NI21 and remarked that AK47 was a more apt name. Henry, in a pre-election PR offensive, appears to have latched on to this amusing acronym and in a single tweet... Well, draw your own conclusion. Just remember what I said about the thick skin.