One of the big stories of the day on UTV and social media has been the accounts of Israeli police questioning a suspected Irish bombmaker in the West Bank after arresting him "last night" over contact with Palestinian militants.

We did a little tracing back an discovered the source of the story was one "GEORGEfromdaSHANKILL" aka Impongo2 on Twitter and also a frequent poster of loyalist themed videos on You Tube.

UTV's News Editor Chris Hagan was quick to respond:

and a story promptly appeared on the UTV website:

Not to be outdone the DUP were quick to issue a press release penned by East Belfast DUP MLA and Policing Board Member Robin Newton:

So far so VERY disturbing.

So let's go back to the source, GeorgefromdaShankill's Daily Mail story.

We clicked the link and all looked legit:

However we noticed that the desktop version does not show a 'published on' date so we decided to click on the mobile version:

Oh dear.

It would appear that the UTV have inadvertently published an eleven year old story and the DUP have been as quick as ever to respond.

Don't bother clicking on the link to the UTV news story: - it's been removed.