On Saturday Judge Jim (I Am The Law) Allister was celebrating when his party Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV) gained their first ever Councillor in Belfast, Jolene Bunting.

The TUV have a bit of previous when it comes to council candidates, case in point - the lovely Wayne Gilmour (who sadly failed to win a seat) so we decided to have a poke around Ms. Bunting's Facebook page which was open for all and sundry to see.

Guess what we found...
When asked about his newly elected candidate's online activities party leader Jim Allister was dismissive and pointed out that these posts were in "the past":

As the MLA who seems to be permanently obsessed with the past and shows no desire whatsoever to look to the future most people will be shocked by the hypocrisy of Judge Jim's support for Ms. Bunting.

The question now is what action will he and the TUV take?