Lets get one thing straight.

Death threats are bad. In fact any form of threat is bad.

Today ex-BNP man Jim (Dodgy) Dowson's so-called Protestant Coalition claim to have been the victim of a phoned in 'death threat'.

Now the Protestant Coalition have been guilty of a huge amount of shit-stirring in the past few months but how has this now escalated to such an extent?

Could it perhaps be something to do with the fact last night the Protestant Coalition, fronted at the moment by uber-Prod bucketmouth Sam McCrory posted photographs of various people from 'the other side' on their vile Facebook page.

Many of these photographs were removed after complaints but a great many survive, hidden on their timeline.

Worryingly the photographs included a great number of minors and were captioned in the usual sectarian manner.

This has stirred up a great deal of anger on some nationalist sites who have (quite reasonably) suggested that people report these images to Facebook.

As stated from the outset any sort of threatening behaviour, verbal or otherwise, is to be condemned.

We hope that the PSNI, who have come under numerous attacks from the Protestant Coalition leadership and their followers will not only investigate the threat but also the cause of of the threats.

Somehow we don't think the authorities will be too sympathetic to their cause.