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Regular readers may have noticed that we are no great fan of former BNP man Big Jim (Dodgy) Dowson's so-called 'Protestant Coalition'.

In fact some might say that we have called them a pack of shit stirrers.

Dowson's party, fronted by Wee Willie Frazer under the chairmanship of uber-loyalist Sam McCrory have been quite shameless in using dubious means to drum up Facebook likes and increase their profile locally.

The biggest surprise has been that it has taken the local media a long time to catch up with L.A.D. in exposing this inflammatory bunch of unelectable clowns.

Today that changed when the News Letter's Sam McBride ran a piece entitled 'Attacking police justified, says Protestant Coalition' and quoted Party Chairman Sam McCrory as saying "They (the PSNI) took a very good beating and rightly so because we [as] a people have had enough and what happened last night is just the beginning of the tide turning” in regard to the disgraceful scenes in Belfast City Centre on Friday evening.

McCrory said: “It’s been a victory for the Protestant, unionist, loyalist community here in the centre of Belfast. Dissident republicans didn’t get parading through the middle of our city. They were re-routed. In the end they accepted defeat. We claim the victory, so we do, for the decent citizens of Belfast.”
Protestant Coalition - attacking police is justified

This followed a bizarre ranting statement by McCrory on You Tube when McCrory, flanked by his colleagues in the Protestant Coalition leadership team (Frazer, Bill Hill and the other baldy one) seemed to take responsibility for the violence on Friday evening.
Protestant Coalition: Bill (Bollocks) Hill, Sam (Motormouth) McCrory, unknown bald man, Wee Willie Frazer
Sadly the man pulling the strings of Frazer, Hill, Frazer et al, the afore-mentioned Jim (Dodgy) Dowson was not present on Friday evening - his bail conditions prevent him from entering Belfast.

However since the Protestant Coalition is funded by him and used his offices in Dundonald it will be interesting to see what view the PSNI and the courts take with regard to his tacit involvement.

So it will.

Jim (Dodgy) Dowson - shit stirrer