Oh dear... not a a good start to the week for ex-BNP man Jim (Dodgy) Dowson's so-called Protestant Coalition. For the first time his bunch of shit-stirring, homophobic, bigoted political dinosaurs have been called to account by another Unionist Party - surprisingly it was not Basil McCrea's NI21; unsurprisingly nor was it the DUP or TUV.

Yesterday this abhorrent shower, fronted by local comedian Wee Willie Frazer and uber-Prod Sam McCrory posted a vile homophobic rant on their Facebook page criticising a group of PUP activists who had the temerity to attend the Newry Pride event at the weekend.

Protestant Coalition - Homophobic rant criticises the PUP

PUP activists - supporting Newry Pride
This particular rant did not go un-noticed by one of the group who attended the event and promptly took to Twitter to express her feelings.

Step forward one Izzy Giles

Izzy Giles - PUP Activist

The Protestant Coalition were quickly 'persuaded' to remove their original post by persons unknown but not before we were able to display it on our Facebook Page.

Not to be outdone the PC quickly replaced their original post and fired off another rant at the so-called loony lefties and liberals who criticised them.

Protestant Coalition - Rant 2
Izzy was having none of it and actually took to Facebook to confront the author of this piece, someone she believed to be none other than the financial backer of the Protestant Coalition and erstwhile Leader (accoding to the Electoral Commission) - none other than Mr. Jim Dowson himself - a man banned from social media under the terms of his bail conditions.

The un-named Protestant Coalition 'author' was quick to inform anyone who would listen what a fabulous guy Jim Dowson is, kindly pointing out that 'he' helps close friends suffering from HIV "some via drug use some via their sexuality". 

Is Jim There?
We were beginning to think the whole saga was over until the Protestant Coalition then decided it was time for another rant this time attacking 'Cultural Marxism' with the usual stolen meme.

All of this had the distinct whiff of Dowson about it, something Izzy was quick to spot:

Throughout this entire conversation the un-named author writing on behalf of the Protestant Coalition maintains that Mr. Dowson was at Laganside Courts today.

So we checked the court lists for today, Tuesday 3rd September 2013.

Mr. Dowson was not up in court today. 

The mystery deepens...