Over the past year we have witnessed are British culture being chipped away and the proud Loyalist people of Ulster being prevented from displaying their heritage based on drink, flegs and oppressing Catholics.

Years from now, historians will see the connections that many 'tap' Loyalists already see with the way the Protestant community has been treated to how the Jews in 1930's Germany were treated.

Genocide I tell ya ..... well someone on the telly said it was genocide so it must be true, don't question just repeat it..... Thats are way.
How can you explain the 8,500+ protesters who weren't at the recent 30th November parade when 10,000 were expected?

Ach who to believe in all this he said she said business? Sure you could believe yer eyes when yer stuck in traffic on a cold dark night with with a group of drunken Spides holding flegs blocking yer way but that would be too easy.

After reading that the Protestant Coalition and former fleg activist Jamie Bryson had offered to meet with the faceless thugs of 'LAD' but got no response, Old Knudsen wondered, what are they trying to hide?

I went deep undercover and soon all the secrets of LAD were at my feet. Instead of just asking for money for some alleged tuck shap for prisoners, LAD gets you to send them money and in return they send you back high quality merchandise like t-shirts and mugs ..... Aye, yer a mug if you fall for that, sounds like something those traders of Belfast would do.

I met with LAD and it's flunkies at their secret headquarters on the Upper Malone road, we sat around drinking tae and re-enacting Monty Python sketches.    

It was clear that Old Knudsen was their bit of rough, only to be tolerated as long as he amused. When they started sacrificing chickens to Satan, Old Knudsen had to go .... a strange lot. 

How can anyone agree with LAD's wish for the people of Northern Ireland to live in peace with equality for all as long as it didn't involve the oppression of others?  What a crazy fucked up idea.

Respect, dignity and integrity .... we don't do none of that here!

Humiliating the working lower class Loyalist people of Northern Ireland as they disrupt traffic, offend everyone that isn't them, destroy town centres, attack police and try to ruin yet another holiday season is not cool, just as it isn't cool to mock the Dissies going around planting bombs and shooting at police meat wagons.    

No, hold on a minute I'm lost, damn this Flegger brand glue!  I shall now expose LAD as many others have failed to do.

 LAD is yer Ma! and she has a glass eye with a goldfish swimming in it.  

Anonymous has the last word here:

"Those who can't laugh at themselves leave the job to others."