Last night we shared the so-called Protestant Coalition's latest attempt to ramp up sectarian tension via hate-speak on  their vile Facebook page.

Protestant Coalition - Hate speech
There is a train of thought that says that we should not pay these vile sectarian bigoted C.U.N.T.s (that's Citizens Under Nationalist Threat to the uninitiated) any attention and just let them wallow in their cesspool of hatred.

However the reaction to their original post and their subsequent equally disgusting replies to perfectly legitimate comments would suggest otherwise.

To remind people; these fuckers were set up and funded by Scottish windbag shit-stirrer ex-BNP man Jim Jim Dowson and are fronted by the questionably sane Wee Willie Frazer. This week their 'chairman' uber-loyalist bucket mouth Sam McCrory said attacking the police was just fine and dandy. McCrory called the perpetrators "unprovoked, innocent and decent". To date no action has been taken by the PSNI to the best of our knowledge.

Last week they promoted and orchestrated the violence that caused millions of pounds worth of damage to Belfast and resulted in many casualties within the ranks of the PSNI. They even had the gall to post a video on You Tube 'celebrating' their 'victory'. We were so incensed we had to subtly alter it:

So to ignore or to highlight this blatant sectarianism and shit stirring?

We, as always, choose the latter. We cannot and will not allow this sort of evil to go un-noticed and many agree with us.

Many took to Facebook to post comments on the Protestant Coalition's Facebook page. The replies from the admin are almost as bad as the original post:

So far members of the SDLP, Alliance Party and NI21 have taken to Twitter to condemn this but again so far no action has been taken.

We await further developments.