We all looked on horrified as this morning's events unfolded. We knew he was going to do it, he told as much beforehand. Yet still, deep down we didn't believe it. It took that first image on Twitter for us actually to believe that yes, Willie Frazer has indeed turned up to a British court of law dressed as Abu Hamza. The horror quickly turned to laughter as the news spread quickly on social media and the bizarre media circus was shared far and wide. The occasion was so bizarre that Willie achieved what we think he had hoped for. The spectacle has gone national, with Channel 4 news running the story. Yet again Northern Ireland has been thrust onto the national stage and yet again we are left looking like the sadly ridiculous drunk relative at a wedding who makes a total arse of themselves.

Now the dust has settled and the laughter has (partially) abated, the initial horror has returned. Just why would Willie Frazer and his cohorts wish to cause such a scene? Willie explained things in his own unique manner outside the court today. "The law that they are trying to charge me with was brought out to deal with extreme Muslims", Willie claimed. "Who do they charge? The first man charged in the United Kingdom is a protestant from Northern Ireland"[1], he boldly asserted. These are very serious and daring claims to make. They are also untrue, and have been fabricated for no other reason than to enable Willie to create a media circus.

Let's take a look at Willie's claims in a little more depth:

"The law that they are trying to charge me with was brought out to deal with extreme Muslims"

The Facts:
The offences to which Willie refers are those covered by the Serious Crime Act 2007. Sections 44-46 of this act deal with encouraging or assisting an offence[2]. These sections have slight differences from one another but together they replaced the more commonly known offence of incitement in England, Wales and Northern Ireland[3]. These sections were not introduced specifically to deal with Muslim extremists. The truth is that these offences were already partially covered in some form by prior incitement law.

"The first man charged in the United Kingdom is a protestant from Northern Ireland"

The Facts:
Willie Frazer is not the first man to be charged under these offences in the United Kingdom. Sections 44-46 of the Serious Crime Act have been applied in a number of different cases. There are too many to fully research and list here, however we have included a few below to highlight the absurdity of Willie's claims.

Amed Pelle was jailed for 33 months after pleading guilty to a breach of section 44. Pelle had used Facebook to encourage other to commit offences during riots in Nottingham. [4][5][6]

Jordan Blackshaw and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan were jailed for offences under sections 44 and 46 of the Serious Crime Act at Chester Crown Court. These offences were linked to encouraging offences during rioting. [7]

Jake Davis from Shetland, and Ryan Cleary from Essex were both charged with offences under sections 45 and 46 of the Serious Crime Act. Their charges were related to computer hacking. [8][9]

Omar Sadique was convicted at Maidstone Crown Court of assisting in the supply of controlled drugs contrary to section 46 of the Serious Crime Act 2007. [10]

David Wain was jailed for offences under sections 44-46 of the Serious Crime Act in relation to the supply of chemicals and drugs. [11]

In Summary

The cases listed above show that Willie Frazer was lying about his motivation in dressing as a Muslim cleric today. What was his real motivation? If we were to hazard a guess it would be that Willie wanted to create a media frenzy to attract attention and to keep himself where he feels he belongs, in the spotlight. One thing is certain, his actions were decidedly racist and contrary to his vocal demands for civil and human rights. Surely the time has come for this man to fade into obscurity?


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On December 3 2012, vulgar and violent forces appropriated the Union flag and turned it from an icon of Britishness, into a symbol of illiterate, drink-sodden brutishness. 

Since then, civilised Northern Ireland has stood back in a state of silent bewilderment. The swamp of suspicion, superstition, non-think and non-speak has been breath-taking; The Niagara of sentimentality, solipsism and self-pity mind-boggling. 
In the face of the barbarism and nonsense-speak, civil society dare not criticise. The cult of respectability abides. "The brave [not so] new orthodoxy of whatever you say, say nothing" as Brian Walker called it, must be held. But civilised Northern Ireland needs to wake up and push back against the cult of violence and misinformation. And below is an outline of why you should and why you'd be right to do so. 
Firstly, for those soft-bellied multiculturalists scared to say anything, here's why the Twaddle camp and associated protests are a nonsense. The political philosopher Edmund Burke was a pointed critic of the French Revolution, an event he characterised as mindless anarchy. For him, legitimate freedom was the freedom to do positive practical acts in society. It was not the liberty to enjoy freedom abstractly, obstructively or destructively. For Edmund Burke, the doctrine of abstract rights as advocated by French revolutionaries was folly. 
Is marching and protesting wherever you want, whenever you want, for whatever reason you want constructive? Is the associated and farcical civil rights movement fighting for a non-cause, costing thousands of pounds a day to police, constructive? 
Secondly, for the ever-indulgent middle-highbrows scared of expressing an opinion, here's why the marching debate is a farce. The freedom of association and of public procession is not an absolute right. Those who want to enjoy civil rights must discharge certain responsibilities. Elementary duties like civil behaviour, respect and inclusivity. The enjoyment of the right to procession also requires people to meet and accommodate the rights of other peoples.  
As Ian Coulter of the CBI asked, "Where are the rights for the people trying to trade and build businesses?" 
But evidently these people claim a special, exclusive and absolute right, and they claim it at the point of force and by violence. It's very much like hardline Muslims; think of the Muhammed cartoon, offend them and feel their wrath. This is exceptionally solipsistic and must be resisted. 
Thirdly, to those who think the 12th of July has degenerated into a festival of drink-yer-f**king brains out, you'd be right. I'm saying the unsaid and so it needs said. So here it is: much of the parading isn't culture, for it’s neither open or tolerant, nor is it inclusive - not even for tourists and moderate unionists. This demands a serious critique. And here's the third party authority for my offensive observations.
The Belfast City Centre Management Report made a number of striking, but hardly surprising, observations on the state of the 12th:
One: "Visit Belfast received complaints from tourists who talked of "an intimidatory atmosphere" and "louts roaming around drunk"."
Two: "The condition of the public realm after the parades also remains a key issue."
Three: "50% of businesses reported an unfriendly family atmosphere and several cited rising tensions as being a turnoff for some consumers."
Four, a non-native resident commented on these findings:
"As someone who has lived here for quite a long time now, I can confirm that 12th July is absent a positive atmosphere. It's militaristic, nasty, sometimes vulgar, and not much fun." 
In The Irish Times, Eamon McCann recalled the anecdote of the Protestant who called the Orange Order a "bunch of bigots quite undeserving of respect."
Fourthly, for those who think that loyalists represent everything that Britain stands against, you'd be right. For those who think that the dysfunction reaches top office, you'd also be right. Newton Emerson said that "it falls to unionist leaders to explain that the world has changed but not ended." But where Martin McGuinness calls out dissident republicans as "traitors to Ireland", people like deputy Lord Mayor Christopher Stalford and Junior Minister Jonathan bell prop up the brutality.
Unionism needs to do a McGuinness and reproach the boondocks and call them out for what they are: traitors to Britain. But if they cant do it they must take responsibility for not calling to book the jackboots on the ground. Otherwise political unionism will stand as apologists for thuggery and the real traitors to Britain. 
Fifthly, if people think the campaign of self-pity, misinformation and exaggeration is sickening you'd be right. If we look at the facts, the situation and events have been grossly pulled and stretched out of proportions. 
As Newton Emerson recently noted in The Sunday Times, unionist parades outnumber republican parades by fifteen to one. We also know that 550 parades were held on the 12th. Of those, only minor restrictions were made. To then say that civil rights have been curtailed is both grotesque and absurd.  
To conclude. When you try to run communities on isolation, suspicion and a rejection of modernity, everything grinds to a halt.
When that happens, the failed community isn't going to blame the failure on itself. No. They'll say it's the neglect of others and a conspiracy against their culture. Then they’ll want to project violence and brutalism outward. But we can't be indifferent about that. We can't be indifferent about rogue communities and rogue ideas and rogue concepts. 
All the burbling and babbling of police brutality and civil rights oppression is abject nonsense and an offence to modernity and the people who've brought us here. Loyalism is not the product of unemployment, but the creators of it. Loyalists are not the suppressed but the suppressors of modernity. 
They hold us, the whole of normal Northern Ireland, hostage. Yet we don't say anything. We are in a fight with fanatics and you had better get used to it. As Alex Kane said, Northern Ireland is in big trouble. Our collective welfare is being attacked and undermined by a fanatical movement. You either stand up and show the nonsense for what it is, or you capitulate to the enemies of modernity and let all the good that has come to the north of Ireland unravel. 

With all their antics over the years, it's hard to feel sorry for loyal loyalists. But in this case, LAD does feel a pang of sympathy.

Once again they have been lied to by their so-called leaders. Most jarringly of all, those lies were designed to trick their loyal brethren into breaking the law, in a pathetic attempt to undermine the authority of the Parades Commission (PC). The PC had ruled to allow the loyalist "civil rights" march on Saturday September 21st but, presumably to appease exasperated city centre traders, had ordered the fleggers to begin their journey at 12.30, not 2pm as they had demanded. Cue ridiculous calls of "12.30 is too early" (12th of July Parades normally set off before 9am) and disparate flegger groups saying that they'd protest til 2pm before setting off. 

Rumours began circulating from a few key fleggers of a secret deal between parade organisers and cops who saw the early parade time as "unworkable", and this was quickly followed by a widely-shared Facebook post, apparently originating from Christine Lewis, naming the cops involved and confirming the original start time still stood. 
Then up-stepped the Protestant Coalition, gallant leaders of the disaffected PUL community. Chairman Sam  (So it is) McCrory informed followers on their Facebook page that he had spoken an unnamed source who confirmed the deal with the police. When pushed to identify his source he said it didn't matter. Er, yes it fucking does. Either you're deliberately lying to people or you've struck an illegal deal with Police in direct contravention of a PC ruling. At this, Sam cried havoc and let slip the lapdogs of wah. Funnily enough all these threads have been removed from the Protestant Coalition Facebook page.
Protestant Coalition - shit stirring
Off went little minions like Jack Ross and Christine Lewis, shamelessly telling anyone who'd listen that the original parade time had been reinstated, and that everyone should meet at City Hall for 1pm with the procession setting off at 2. 

We know the rest. 

Sam parted the sea of bemused onlookers and led his folk to the promised land of Twaddell, pumping out The Famine Song on Royal Avenue for good measure.

If LAD were a cop investigating this further breach of a PC ruling, we're pretty sure we'd know whose door to knock first.

So Poots, eh?

Let's examine the evidence that led him to spunk one hundred thousand pounds of our money in a bid to make us healthier.

Background: In 1983, fear of a full-blown AIDS epidemic resulted in a panicked UK health authority banning all MSM (men who have sex with men) blood donations. This ban lasted almost 30 years, and was finally lifted in 2011 following detailed and exhaustive scientific studies into the risk posed by MSM blood donations. England, Scotland, and Wales all accept MSM blood donations following a 12 month deferral after the initial consultation. This 12 month period is a built-in safeguard to ensure that any early-stage blood-borne viruses not initially detected are picked up on screening one year later. HIV, for instance, has a seroconversion time of 2 to 12 weeks, therefore a 12 month deferral is a more than adequate buffer zone 

Were a 12 month deferral to be introduced here, theoretical models from the UK (2), USA (3) and Canada (4) estimate that there would be a very slight increase in the risk of transmitting a blood-borne infection through transfusion of donated blood. For instance, the UK study calculates the risk to increase from 1 in 4,410,000 to 1 in 4,380,000 following introduction of the 12 month deferral of MSM.

So there's an (albeit tiny, not statistically significant) increase in risk?

Well, no. 

Two further things must be considered.

Firstly, blood screening technology has improved exponentially in the past few years, and new techniques should reduce the risk levels, and may also negate any difference in risk levels between the pre- and post-deferral groups.

Secondly, a clinical study in Australia (4) has contradicted the findings of the UK, USA, and Canadian theoretical models. Blood donation data taken in Australia (a country with similar HIV infection rates to the UK) 5 years before and after the implementation of a 12 month deferral by the Australian government, showed that despite a 20% increase in donations following the introduction of deferral legislation, the total HIV detections were exactly the same (and in real terms, a rate reduction).

So what's Poots' problem? 

Maybe it's that Northern Ireland doesn't need any more blood? 

He certainly seemed to think so in October 2011 when he told a Commons health committee meeting (5) 

"...Northern Ireland is largely self sufficient in blood. It is exceptional for us to receive blood from outside sources”

Either Poots was wilfully misleading Parliament, or he was unaware what was going on within his own department. For instance, only three months before his committee appearance Poots was urging people to give blood.

 “In Northern Ireland, around 500 patients need life saving blood each week. To ensure an adequate supply to our hospitals, we need 300 people to give blood every day. The demand for blood is increasing all the time and currently only 6% of Northern Ireland’s eligible population gives blood. That means 94% of the population do not donate. I would urge everyone eligible across the province to consider becoming a donor." 

 "Ensuring there are sufficient levels of blood at all times is key to the safety of patients in Northern Ireland" as long as it fits within my personal prejudices, he didn't add.(6)
Edwin Poots
 By June 2012 Northern Ireland's "self-sufficiency" myth was completely shattered when Sue Ramsey, the Stormont Health Committee chairwoman, told the assembly "We are crying out for blood donation... we have had to bring in blood from England, Scotland and Wales because we need it" (7) What makes things even more interesting is that this imported blood is now the very same MSM blood that Poots is spending several nurses' salaries in an attempt to avoid accepting from Northern Irish gay men. 

So in summary.

1) Despite overwhelming scientific evidence of its safety, Poots refuses to accept Northern Irish MSM blood donations. 
2) In a time of austerity and NHS cutbacks, he is spending thousands of pounds of tax-payers' money to fight blood donation legislation implemented by the British government. 
3) Despite telling parliament that Northern Ireland is "largely self sufficient in blood", his department is importing blood, ironically including that of MSM donors, from the rest of the UK.

In light of the scientific evidence we have just one question for Poots: Are you ignoring the advice of experts simply because you're a homophobe?

Please sign the online petition here.

1 https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/216109/dh_129909.pdf 
2 http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1423-0410.2011.01491.x/abstract 
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7 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-18476313

Since that fateful night in December when our beloved fleg was removed by Sinn Finn/IRA and the Allianz Party, LAD have had the pleasure of hosting screenshits from the highest echelons of fleggerdom. Many of these never-say-die 'no surrender' loyalists have in fact surrendered and this void has occasionally left us with the nightmare scenario of having to produce original content to keep LAD readers sated. You can imagine our delight, then, when we stumbled across the musings of a person so bitter and hate-filled, so scarily lacking in basic human characteristics such as empathy and compassion, that we initially assumed hers was a troll account, set up by mischievous rebels in an attempt to goad other loyalists into following in her horrific wake.

Sadly/happily she appears to be genuine, and as such has moved straight to the top of our flegging royal family tree. Included below are a few of her ridiculous diatribes from the past few months. The cherry on the cake (for now!) are the photographs she took after turning up to protest at a Catholic 'blessing of the graves' ceremony. Most fleggers are a bit fucked up, but we're pretty sure that even the average loyal son of Ulster would baulk at her threat to "anoint the graves with pish". This annual loyalist pilgrimage of hate has been going on for years and has been reported by the BBC and the Irish News.

The great irony here is that this sort of behaviour will only serve to alienate her further from the decent Protestant voting base whom she continues to berate for their apathy in the face of an ongoing cultural genocide that only she can discern.
To Christine, LAD salute you. Thanks for saving us the hassle of having to shine a light on bigotry, your posts are like a foghorn in the gloaming.
To everyone else, enjoy her while it lasts, as this level of hatred can only go on so long, as Ruth Patterson realised all too late.

L.A.D. are delighted that the anti-democratic, anti-loyalist civil rights Parades Commission are considering an application for a civil rights march through the centre of Belfast during prime shappin time on Saturday 21st September.  We firmly believe that stopping non-loyalists shappin will bring about the return of are civil rights that was stripped of us along with are fleg.

Loyal Peoples Protests - who?

We aren't able to tell youse what civil rights was stripped but they're important because a peace civil rights camp is required.  L.A.D. keeps asking people like Jamie Bryson and Billy Hutchinson and the Orange Order and Ruth Patterson and other people who claim to present loyal Pradisans but none of them can tell us which rights are taken except are fleg.
Nigel Dodds MP & George Chittick, Orange Man from 1953
Votes DOES NOT WORK! but we will probably be voting for the DUP and maybe Jim Allister (because he came to Twoddle Peace Civil Rights Loyalist camp and brought KFC and that) when it comes to the next election time anyway.  The politicians and non-elected shit stirrers keep telling us themmuns always get what they want with acting da bollix so they do and Peter Robertson has proved with his leaflet about the Alliance stealing are fleg in a way and we have to get Alliance out.
Alliance party - bastarbs
Loyalist Peaceful Protesters (LLP) are committed to peaceful rebranding of loyalist parades 110%!  All 20 bands will play a selection of covers tunes including weans TV classics like In the Night Garden and Teletubbies, 80s game show tunes like the Generation Game, along with more unusual hymns.  This will be an all-inclusive event but you will need to bring your own Buckfast.

We hear about this shared space thing all the time and if the gay and lesbeens and the anti-terrment publicans and that fucking Irish Paddy day thing can go in the city centre, so can we.  Are civil right is as important as everyone else's civil right to march wherever we like. Even if we don't know whose organising it. L.A.D. are the most loyal of loyalists and we have never heard of the group who have applied for this parade. We asked the PUP and they could not confirm the individuals behind 'Loyal Peoples Protests' - the group who submitted the application to the Parades Commission.

Loyal Peoples Protests - who the fuck are you?
L.A.D. has been told that LLP are confident that a Saturday afternoon march will cause maximum disruption and affect not only non-loyalist shoppers, but all traders too.  LLP believe that wrecking are economy will bring about an equal society for all, specially for loyal Pradisan so they do.

Remember you can keep donating to are appeal for the Civil Rights Camp at Twaddell. The phone number is at the end of this video.

No surrender.

There are many differing opinions of L.A.D. and our objectives, not all of which are complimentary or printable but let us assure you now, we remain committed to undemocracy of the highest level and all the benefits that brings.  Democracy does not work and we will continue to expose the lies and inefficiency of the Northern Ireland super council at Stormont.

That aside, L.A.D. were at a loss for words (only briefly) last night, as UKIP's only elected representative in Are Wee Country, Henry Reilly, fired this tweet off.

We gave it a number of reads before deciding Henry must be using a stereophonic PCM digital algorithmic encryption program to make his tweets unintelligible to others.  As MI5 provide us with all our technology, we know this sort of thing is available so well done to Henry on that point.  Anyway, as everyone knows, elections are won and lost on pictures so again, well done.

We told Henry we were somewhat at a loss for words regarding his mildly spurious claim.  Everyone knows that any self-respecting secret service operative would never reveal such sensitive information for risk of being 'retired'.  All you have to do is watch James Bond or the Ipcress File or something and it pretty much tells you how it is with secret services.

L.A.D. MI5 Agents?

The tweets became more bizarre as the evening wore on, prompting some account users to express concern for Henry's well-being.  Then this one appeared. 

As a result, all L.A.D. operatives have been called into are HQ at an undisclosed location in Hollywood (sic), and questioned using truth drugs and electric shocks and stuff, and we can confirm nobody has gone rogue and started threatening to destroy people or even other countries.

Uhhh, are signs of paranoia starting to show here?  L.A.D. is the establishment?  Certainly not.  L.A.D. is a diverse group of loyal men and women who see the true futility of democracy.  We certainly do not promote the killing of unionists as Henry goes on to claim.  Not sure what the UK cause is either.  Perhaps he means the Westminster government or something.

We asked Reilly today, if he wished to explain his comments, more to rule out the involvement of an intoxicant than any other reason, but he resolutely stood by what he had said and also had the cheek to insinee inua claim we're publicans wankers.  So in the space of 12 hours or so, we've gone from being secret agents, tasked with the re-election of Nigel Dodds, to publican wankers.

Henry continues to copy L.A.D. on his tweets tonight and now we're part of the AK47 brigade.

If you're feeling a little blue, you could always cheer yourself up and read some of Henry's tweets.  Just don't look for any reasoned debate.

Some of you may remember that he came to national prominence a few weeks ago when he fired off a tweet in support of the Assad regime in Syria.

The tweet was picked up by the influential anti far right blog Hope Not Hate and when contacted by the Belfast Telegraph, Reilly was unrepentant yet unable to explain why he removed his tweet. The UKIP Councillor caused controversy earlier this year after branding journalists as "Provos" during a council meeting.

Back to tonight and Reilly, as well as claiming L.A.D. are in the AK47 brigade (does that mean he is implying we are in a proscribed organisation?) has, in the space of a matter of hours labelled Basil McCrea and NI21 'Republican Terror apologists' and a PUP Representative (and ourselves) "Communists".  In recent days, he has also taken issue with those who have been  educated in the maintained sector.

UKIP has recently announced that Henry Reilly will be their candidate in Northern Ireland for next year's European Parliament Election.  From his tweets, he would appear to be trying to woo a very small section of the electorate quite why anyone of sound mind would vote for this candidate is a mystery.  L.A.D. would question whether or not UKIP are aware of their candidate's behaviour?

They say no publicity is bad publicity and if that's the case, here we have a one-man PR dynamo.  We wonder what the electorate of Northern Ireland will make of Reilly and his bizarre, ill-conceived bollocks.

Henry Reilly UKIP Candidate for Northern Ireland European Parliament


Gizza job

Conall McDebit
Conall McDevitt fell on his ceremonial sword this week after mounting pressure over payments to his wife's company and also a payment he received from his former employer.  Given the belligerence of other MLAs over similar indiscretions, L.A.D. can only assume there is something more to this story to warrant (by Great British Northern Ireland (lack of) standards) this sort of extreme action.  How about Conor Murphy's time at Regional Development?  Not exactly scandal free.  Peter Robinson's questionable property dealings anyone?  Lord Laird is of course, a beacon for high morals and then there's the daddy of scandal, Red Sky.

Rather than Nelson McCausland doing the honourable thing, he was allowed to make a lengthy oratory before the Social Development committee, during which Gregory Campbell thought the most important issue was whether or not the minister had come before the committee voluntarily or not.  No worries Gregory eh?  Perhaps Jim Allister's move onto the committee will make things a whole lot less cosy, while giving him something to concentrate on other than his normal Jurassic politics.

Much has been made of our esteemed MLAs expenses and employment habits but while those who bother to declare such things claim they are doing nothing wrong legally, how does it stand morally?  Perhaps if it was one or two here and there, it could go unnoticed, but the employment of family members is widespread and within the DUP, it's rife.

It isn't hard to find the information but it does take a bit of digging to get all the facts.  If that sort of thing should interest you, it can be found HERE.  However, L.A.D. has done a quick breakdown of the figures in case you're too lazy to read the stuff yourself.

As of the last update in July 2013, the figures are really encouraging for those seeking work, especially if you know an MLA.  A small number of the positions declared have since been terminated but what's a couple of jabs between you and us?

44 MLAs currently employ a relative, a colleagues relative or have procured services from a relative.  The worst offenders are Britishphile, Jonathan Bell who employs his wife and two of the Robinson clan, and Adrian McQuillan whose sister-in-law, aunt and George Robinson's nephew are all employed.

Jonathan Bell. A very dear friend of the Robinson Family
Irish Nationalist Shin Fayne IRA Roman Catholics (INSFIRARC) only figure once, Fra McCann employing the niece of Paul and Alex Maskey.  However, before the moral high ground is claimed, it should be noted that INSFIRARC MLAs only take the industrial wage, the rest going to the party.  It is entirely possible that family are employed by the party and as such, are indirectly paid for by INSFIRARC MLAs.

Given top L.A.D. fan and supporter of Flegger rights, Judge Jimbo Allister is a one man band, maybe it's unfair to say that 100% of his party employs a family member.

Here's a breakdown to make things a little easier to look at.

* Although UKIP isn't really a party, we've included it so we're not seen to be excluding the far right.
For reasons of simplicity, these figures don't include other interests such as rental properties, directorships, council roles and the like.  We also haven't included the tribe of nomadic faeries employed by the Green's Steven Agnew as faeries are not bound by normal EU employment law.

L.A.D are the defenders of undemocracy and we feel that not enough opportunities are being given to friends and family of MLAs.  Surely there is room for almost all MLAs to employ at least one member of family.  We don't care about what them INSFIRARC ones do of course.
Oh dear... not a a good start to the week for ex-BNP man Jim (Dodgy) Dowson's so-called Protestant Coalition. For the first time his bunch of shit-stirring, homophobic, bigoted political dinosaurs have been called to account by another Unionist Party - surprisingly it was not Basil McCrea's NI21; unsurprisingly nor was it the DUP or TUV.

Yesterday this abhorrent shower, fronted by local comedian Wee Willie Frazer and uber-Prod Sam McCrory posted a vile homophobic rant on their Facebook page criticising a group of PUP activists who had the temerity to attend the Newry Pride event at the weekend.

Protestant Coalition - Homophobic rant criticises the PUP

PUP activists - supporting Newry Pride
This particular rant did not go un-noticed by one of the group who attended the event and promptly took to Twitter to express her feelings.

Step forward one Izzy Giles

Izzy Giles - PUP Activist

The Protestant Coalition were quickly 'persuaded' to remove their original post by persons unknown but not before we were able to display it on our Facebook Page.

Not to be outdone the PC quickly replaced their original post and fired off another rant at the so-called loony lefties and liberals who criticised them.

Protestant Coalition - Rant 2
Izzy was having none of it and actually took to Facebook to confront the author of this piece, someone she believed to be none other than the financial backer of the Protestant Coalition and erstwhile Leader (accoding to the Electoral Commission) - none other than Mr. Jim Dowson himself - a man banned from social media under the terms of his bail conditions.

The un-named Protestant Coalition 'author' was quick to inform anyone who would listen what a fabulous guy Jim Dowson is, kindly pointing out that 'he' helps close friends suffering from HIV "some via drug use some via their sexuality". 

Is Jim There?
We were beginning to think the whole saga was over until the Protestant Coalition then decided it was time for another rant this time attacking 'Cultural Marxism' with the usual stolen meme.

All of this had the distinct whiff of Dowson about it, something Izzy was quick to spot:

Throughout this entire conversation the un-named author writing on behalf of the Protestant Coalition maintains that Mr. Dowson was at Laganside Courts today.

So we checked the court lists for today, Tuesday 3rd September 2013.

Mr. Dowson was not up in court today. 

The mystery deepens...