2013 has ended in further embarrassment for Health Minister Edwin Poots after he was voted Citizen Under Nationalist Threat of the year in an online poll organised by Belfast satirical bloggers L.A.D.

The independent poll attracted over 2,000 votes in a 24 hour period and Poots won with a landslide 35% of the vote.

The final results were:

  1. Edwin Poots 35% (789)
  2. Willie Frazer 16% (365)
  3. Dissident Republicans 12% (263)
  4. Ruth Patterson 11% (240)
  5. David Vance 5% (115)
  6. Gerry Adams 5% (107)
  7. 'So it is Sam' 4% (99)
  8. Gregory Campbell 4% (86)
  9. Winkie Irvine 3% (67)
  10. Nigel Dodds 3% (58)
  11. 'Dodgy Dowson' 2% (35)
  12. 'Rab – The Dangerous Man' 1% (25)

“The results prove that despite the ongoing controversy regarding flegs, parades and the past, what matters most to the public are real issues,” a spokesperson for the group said. “In 2014 we will focus more on issues such as health, employment and primarily education; things that affect people on a daily basis”.

2013 was a year in which:

  • A court ruled that Poots acted unlawfully over the failure to consider a senior trade unionist who had applied for a post on the Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC).
  • Belfast High Court ruled the minister had breached Stormont's ministerial code by failing to take the issue of gay men giving blood before the Executive.
  • The UK Supreme Court rejected Poots' attempt to overturn a court ruling in favour of gay adoption.
  • An online petition calling “on the Northern Ireland Assembly to seek the resignation of Edwin Poots, or for his removal from his post as Health Minister and thus bring to an end his disgraceful waste of public money in pursuit of a personal agenda” has so far attracted 12,265 signatures and will be handed over to the Assembly this month.

Mr. Poots was unavailable for comment.

Poots to be presented with award by a 'representative' of LAD

Poll Result - the poll closed at midnight on December 31st 2013