Some of you may recall that just before Christmas we released a song called 'Last December' with the proceeds intended for the fantastic local charity SOS Bus NI.

Sadly that plan was scuppered by one particularly nasty individual; full story here.

Being LAD we decided to carry on regardless and announced that the proceeds from the song would be donated anonymously to a local cross community charity and verified by a local journalist.

That plan was scuppered by another equally vile scumbag. Full story here.

The good news is that in the time the song was available we managed to sell over 1,000 copies in 24 hours; we were Number 4 in the Amazon download charts and on course to make the UK Top 5 at least. The song was being quoted as 4th favourite to be the Christmas Number One by some bookmakers.

So.... we have now received the money from these sales and ALL money raised (that means every penny) has been donated ANONYMOUSLY to a local cross community charity. The name of the charity will not be released but the transfer was kindly witnessed and verified by Sara Girvan from the Sunday Life.

We at LAD would like to thank all of you who bought the single and those that contributed to SOS Bus NI as well.

The money raised is a fraction of what we hoped to raise and we hope those responsible are happy with themselves.