The tragic news that Facebook have removed the Protestant Coalition's page after weeks of posts regarding  dogs, dead royals and cancer stories has resulted in one of the most bizarre press conferences of all time.

We wish we could take credit for this piece of comedy gold but these people are REAL!


The full unedited Press Release is reprinted here:

Press Release from the Protestant Coalition.

Over the last week we have been reporting thst dozens if not hundreds of Loyalists were being banned off Facebook for allegedly breaching their 'community standards' rules. However ee have the screenshots of what facebook deem as a breach. They range from posting up the Red Hand flag to us using the official Protestant Coalition Party logo and comments such as Ruth Patterson just released ! Obviously this situation is intolerable but today things took an even sinister turn when our party's official facebook page was unpublished by Facebook. Despite being a very new party our modern approach had seen our Facebook grow to the largest facebook page of ANY party in Northern Ireland with over 6, 500 likes, a weekly reach of over 8 million and over 650, 000 people engaged. This gave our Party the biggest social media reach of any party and to be denied this means of communication places us at a great disadvantage in the political sphere as we are now the only party without a Facebook page.

Why have Facebook been Protestant people for no creditable reason? Is it because we have the word Protestant in our name? Sounds absurd but the reality is....we have had our page unpublished by the for absolutely no good reason at all. Our members have worked to highlight the plight of the innocent victim's for years, many of them butchered simply because they were Protestants, and now once again we see our Faith and name being made ' offensive' to some people that WE have been wiped off the social media platform.

We have the proof, there can be no weasel words from Facebook or cries of ' innocent mistake', this attack on our Party and many more Loyalist Protestants is blatant, unwarranted, sectarian and PROVABLE !. The European HQ for Facebook is situated in Dublin, and maybe this is why we are being treated in such a despicable and sectarian way, maybe it's a rogue elements within the organisation or maybe it's a corporate decision but we just don't know and we intend to find out.

During the week we sent a letter asking for an immediate explanation from facebook and know we have been taken down altogether and have had no reply from Dublin, therefore we are left with no other alternative but to go to the Dublin HQ of Facebook to seek answers and we may also have to seek redress through the courts. The situation has angered thousands of Ulster Protestants and be assured that I or the Protestant Coalition will let this matter rest until Facebook resolve these issues and also issue us with a full explanation of what has been going on. We have contacted the Guards in Dublin, S/I Joe Gannon at Pearse Street will be the liaison officer with them to ensure that our members do not have a re-run of anything like they encountered the last time that they went to Dublin. End

Sam McCrory

You couldn't  make this shit up.
The Protestant Coalition