Loyalists Against Democracy is a satirical page.

We take the piss out of people who are intent on wrecking the fucking place.

We are loyal loyalists. But we are peace loving loyal loyalists. 

We keep getting banned by Facebook without any explanation whatsoever.

How then are people/pages like these allowed to keep spewing messages of hatred?

Here are a few of the screenshots from our archives - all taken in the last four weeks, all still active on Facebook.

Perhaps someone would like to contact Facebook and ask them how these images don't contravene 'community standards'?

Brace yourselves...


Dear Protestant Coalition.

I am the manager of the Facebook pages Loyalist Against Demacracy & Loyalists Against Damacracy and today I am not feeling very funny.

Today on your Facebook page you have labelled my pages ‘republican’. 

The Protestant Coalition - libellous
This is not true.  As I stated in my statement to The Irish News on Monday when Facebook admitted an error in unpublishing L.A.D.:

“L.A.D. is delighted that Facebook have recognised the error of their ways and reinstated Loyalists Against Demacracy, Northern Ireland's most loyal loyal loyalist page. None are more loyal than us.

In all seriousness, L.A.D. has always enjoyed huge cross community support and provides a forum for the majority of people to express their frustration with those intent on wrecking the place regardless of cause or motivation. We do this using satire and self depreciation and hope we have made people laugh in difficult times.

We also shine a light on less savoury Facebook pages and hold them up to public account, scrutiny and mockery. The sectarian bigots in our society are happy to spout statements of hatred in their own enclaves but less happy when shown to the majority of decent people.”


There may well be republicans commenting on my pages; as well as unionists, conservatives, socialists, greens, nationalists and communists. I welcome all sorts as long as they aren’t sectarian bigots, racist, homophobic, extremely stupid or make threats of violence.

This is a satirical page. If you cannot grasp that concept please look it up in a dictionary or have a look at the works of Peter Cook, Stephen Colbert, Charlie Brooker, Sasha Baron Cohen, Bill Hicks, Ian Hislop and a personal favourite Chris Morris.  I don’t claim to be in their class but I’d like us to be.

Having garnered legal opinion I am informed that your statement is in fact libellous as you have published an untruth about me which could potentially do harm to my reputation. Therefore I have instructed a solicitor to take this matter further.

Please don’t bother removing the post; it will do you no favours.

With no Love,

L.A.D. (Mr.)
WE are the people
Our Facebook page 'Loyalists Against Demacracy' was closed without warning by Facebook last week.

We quickly launched a replacement 'Loyalists Against Damacracy' and some of our 5,000 Facebook likers mounted a campaign to highlight our plight.

Thankfully The Irish News took up the cause and contacted Facebook on our behalf.


WE are the people

The Irish News - Loyalists Against Democracy

(Sadly no word on L.A.D. 1, the original Loyalists Against Democracy which was closed without warning for no reason with 6,000 likers)
Remember the pic of the poor dog that had been 'used as bait' for illegal dogfighting in Northern Ireland according to the so-called Protestant Coalition?

Well look what we found.

The Protestant Coalition - Shameless
Whilst dog fighting is indeed wrong why is a so-called political party using innacurate emotive photographs to promote themselves through likes and shares on Facebook?

Principle before politics my fucking arse.

Willie Frazer - Shameless

The so-called Protestant Coalition, the non-political political party today announced that they had been
"forced to take up the political cause in earnest as the only way these ‘sell-outs’ (the DUP and UUP) will listen is when they are faced with defeat at the ballot box and this we intent to do."

The party set up and funded by ex-BNP man , extreme anti-abortionist and  self-proclaimed bigot, Scottish windbag Jim (Dodgy) Dowson,  and fronted by comedy character Wee Willie Frazer claims:
"the Protestant Coalition is open to anybody to join, we are neither left-wing nor right-wing, we are just Protestant and make no apologies for being so."
A statement from the 'Party Chairman' Sam McCrory claims:
"in a few short months the Protestant Coalition has set up...one of Ulster’s most popular party Facebook pages."
Which is true, but how has this been achieved?

In fact the Protestant Coalition has latched onto a scheme pioneered by their sister party 'Britain First', the right-wing grouping Dowson set up after being ditched by the BNP, which has so far enjoyed a spectacular lack of electoral success.

It works like this.

The Facebook admin posts a series of images guaranteed to be popular but have absolutely no relevance to the party or what it stands for. Existing page likers 'like' and share 'posts' and these appear on the timelines of innocent people who see the pretty pictures and they too are tempted to 'like' and 'share' and so it goes. It's a form of pyramid selling and is known in Facebook circles as 'like-whoring'.

Today this pic appeared on my personal Facebook timeline having been shared by a friend of mine. When she was told where the image had originated she was horrified. But it was too late. All 300 of her friends had seen her share.


But there's more. The Royal Family are a particular favourite of the Protestant Coalition. These pics proved to be extremely popular:

The Protestant Coalitions motto is 'principle before politics' - their behaviour on Facebook would suggest quite the opposite.

The Protestant Coalition

OK, so we're guessing that you all want to know how LAD 2 rose from the ashes like a big non-taigy phoenix?

Well, it seems that we have admirers in the papist media who went to Facebook and asked them why they'd taken down the premier loyalist page whilst others, particularly those hosting death threats directed at a couple of fleg-stealing kids, remained.

Facebook sez this til them "Although there has been some content on this Page which did violate Facebook’s policies and was therefore removed, the Page itself was removed in error. It has been restored and the admins have been notified"

As a way off celebrating wee plan on marching down Garavaghy arm-in-arm with Trimble and Paisley triumphantly in an entirely non-triumphalist manner. Then we're gonna go home and fucking wreck are own area.

Thanks til the soap-dodging bead rattlers at the Irish News (where were you, News Letter, huh?) particularly Andrea McKernon. Apparently there'll be a story in the paper the morra.
We'd also like to thank Gareth Bail for his help, and finally all you LADs out there for sticking with us through it all. You truly are a pack of C.U.N.T.s

No Surrender WATP FTP


The Protestant Coalition, no strangers to shit-stirring, yesterday published a photograph on their Facebook page to illustrate a bunch of arseholes wrecking the place in Suffolk on Friday night.

Protestant Coalition. Shit stirrers
The photograph was actually taken three years ago during nationalist protests against Orange Order parades.

Is this incitement? 

No doubt these fine undemocractic loyalists will remove the dissenting voices in due course.


 Why is this page allowed to even exist on Facebook?

Ex-BNP fund raiser Jim Dowson was in Scarva on July 13th, 2013 ostensibly collecting money for the Help For Heroes charity.

Jim Dowson and Paul Golding, Scarva, Northern Ireland, July 13th 2013

Dowson on leaving the BNP went on to set up the odious Britain First group and installed his loyal henchman Paul Golding as party chairman . Pictures of Dowson and Golding at the  "loyalist festival" in Scarva  were posted on the Britain First facebook page.


More recently Dowson was involved in  the Northern Ireland fleg protests and is currently out on bail for his rabble-rousing antics.

He has also set up the so-called Protestant Coalition, another money making device that has attracted the support of renowned 'victims campaigner' and general nutcase Wee Willie Frazer.

We have a few questions regarding the Scarva street collection:

  1. Was permission given by the PSNI?
  2. Why are neither Dowson or Golding wearing any forms of i.d.?
  3. What happened to the money?

We contacted Help For Heroes and they made it clear that they do not want their charity associated with any political cause. Dowson is no stranger to attempting to align himself to popular big name causes to further his own interests.

We await developments with interest.