People of Carrickfergus we have found your new leader

Gareth Cole, PUP candidate for Carrickfergus Council

Meet Gareth Cole who has recently been selected as the PUP candidate in Carrickfergus for May's council elections.

To date, the PUP has never received more than 565 votes in the previous elections, since 1993. We here at LAD are confident that given Gareth's "progressive" approach, this underwhelming mandate can be achieved again.

Let's start with Mr. Cole's activities last night (13/2/2014) when he decided his election priority was to erect  more flegs without permission or consultation with local residents.

Gareth Cole, PUP - another tiny erection

Thankfully young Gareth's Facebook page was wide open at the time of writing so we will let him tell you all about his "progressive" unionist views:

Gareth welcomes all to 'loyalist' Carrickfergus
Presumably a 'taig' was in attendance
Gareth Cole, media darling
Sinn Fein IRA
Ah 'taigs' with cameras - well done Gareth Cole
No links at all between the PUP and UVF. No really
An alarming obsession with flegs
'Inclusivity' is a watchword of Gareth Cole

Niall Ó Donnghaile - Gareth loves him

Gareth Cole's Twitter account is particularly hilarious.

Today we asked him if he was ever an admin on the ultra sectarian Carrickfergus United Loyalists Facebook page.

We don't believe him. What do you think?

GC is no fan of the PSNI either:

Well done Gareth.

Good luck in the council elections.