The signs were all there, it's like one of those M night shake n vac movies with the twist that was there in front of you all along.

We were always told who the enemies of the Northern Ireland people were and everyone else was just viewed with suspicion ... ya know, the Ulster way

Well now it seems that everyone is the enemy. The Haass talks were well stalled by Unionist grand standing as they didn't want to appear too reasonable, even Sinn Fein were easier to work with and that was with Gerry Kelly.

Then I happened upon an article with UUP health spokesman Roy Beggs Jnr complaining about Edwin Poots not wanting to measure patient waiting times as they do in England. In fact it seems like Poots doesn't want Northern Ireland's NHS to look anything like the British model but rather one based on fear and ignorance.

What about yon Loyalists led by the DUP not supporting the Queen's wishes to fly her fleg when she wants to ... definitely not very British or remotely loyal.  

The Orange Order have a history of traitorous acts against the crown and now with the latest Orange Order/Sinn Fein secret talks betraying those at the Twaddell death camp it is now all falling into place.

The DUP and the Orange Order have a symbiotic relationship relying on each other in order to survive and like it or not but Sinn Fein is also a part of that too, feeding off each other's hate and stupidity. How many of the DUP are Orangemen?

What has the Orange Order got to do with being British? .... nothing! thats what. No idiot parading going on in England every other week. 

The DUP doesn't want Northern Ireland to be British, their words say one thing and their actions say another. 

They are just trying to squeeze what they can from the EU all the while complaining about being in the EU, they use their Loyalist dopes as foot soldiers to be worked up at a moments notice cos I'm not seeing anyone important doing prison time for the fleg protests. 

These people live in the past with a difficulty in accepting the future. We need integration not segregation. The real enemies of Ulster wear sashes and support segregation, they shake yer hand and tell you 'well done' all the while conspiring behind yer back with those they promised not to talk to.

If yer not a higher level Orangeman then yer just one of the mushrooms, those who are kept in the dark and fed on shit. 

No need for anyone to surrender but there is a real need for people to wise up and to stop being used.