We are ashacked.

Today some clown called David Dove Allen named Sunday World journalist Eavan Murray as an administrator on our Facebook pages(s) in a post regarding the so-called Protestant Coalition's ill-fated invasion of Facebook HQ in Dublin.

Protestant Coalition annoying Facebook in Dublin (Wee Willie Frazer, Bill (Bollocks) Hill)

Later, an even bigger clown called John Wilson, who seems to have some sort of role with the Ulster People's Forum (Chairman: Jamie Bryson) made an even bigger claim: EAVAN IS LAD

Accusation against Eavan Murray, Sunday World

Mr. Wilson then went on to post another of Eavan's Tweets actually supporting L.A.D. and posting a link to this very blog.

John Wilson claims Eavan Murray is behind L.A.D.

You may be wondering who the U.P.F. (or Ulster People's Forum) actually are and which 'people' they actually represent? The answer is fucking no-one. They are the grouping that was originally set up by Jamie Bryson and Willie Frazer at the height of the fleg protests (i.e. riots) and have largely disappeared into obscurity. A few off them subsequently buggered off to join ex-BNP man Jim Dowson's Protestant Coalition (notably Wee Willie and rentamouth Bill Hill).

Ulster People's Forum L-R Bill Hill, some woman, Jamie O'Bryson, Wee Willie Frazer, another bald man

Amongst the things the UPF and PC have in common is that they have absolutely no political mandate and seem to think they are important because they can cause  a bit of shit-stirring and hassle the odd Lord Mayor. The only newspaper that pays them any attention these days is the News Letter and we certainly wouldn't accuse the journalists who religiously print their badly written 'Press Releases' as being members.

As for the so-called 'phoney' statement they refer to; we have no idea what the fuck they are talking about. We've searched our file labelled 'bollocks' and can't find it. 

It may surprise these minority shit stirrers that we are actually in contact with proper journalists. Perhaps Channel 4's Alex Thompson is also a L.A.D. administrator? (Alex even has the temerity to follow us, a dead giveaway).

Alex Thompson - witty fucker
We even keep in contact with quite a few elected representatives (these are people who get votes for those UPF/PC members who may be able to read). We won't name them just yet but a cursory glance reveals that we have followers on Twitter from right across the political spectrum (i.e. not just taigs!).

So Mr. Dove and Mr. Wilson we are happy to confirm that Eavan Murray is not L.A.D. She has never written anything for L.A.D. or contributed anything to L.A.D. I'm sure she wouldn't mind us saying that we do talk (you know dialogue that weird thing you guys don't understand) but then we talk to loads of people (including quite a few members of the flegging community who send us screen shits and think you lot are a bunch of tossers). In any case Eavan is a girl and you know girls can't join loyalist bands.

We have passed these screen shots onto Eavan who is actually volunteering in the Congo at the moment.

It'll be interesting to hear what she plans to do about your potentially libellous comments upon her return.

Happy hunting boys.