For the uninitiated our Facebook page has been removed by Facebook for the sixth time.

We and our 8,000 + likers are not amused.

A brief timeline:

December 2012

 - Loyalists Against Democracy 1 (LAD1) - launched in December as response to the fleg protests and 'loyalists' wrecking the place and ruining everyone's Christmas.

June 2013

 - We unpublished LAD 1 to concentrate on Flipside, our other satirical page, and go beyond the fleg with every intention of republishing LAD1 in July. We had an inkling that July would be eventful.

July 2013

 - LAD 1 republished on Facebook and unpublished by Facebook within days. Facebook's reason: 'sexual content' - there has never been any 'sexual content' on LAD unless you count some of the arseholes we take the piss out off. At this point LAD1 had nearly 6,000 'likes'

- LAD 2 immediately launched and gains  3,000 likes in just over a week
- LAD 2 unpublished by Facebook. No reason given, prompting a campaign by the Irish News
- LAD 3 launched and quickly unpublished by Facebook. No reason given. No warnings issued.
- LAD 3 reinstated by Facebook and removed again less than 24 hours later
- LAD 4 launched

October 2013

- LAD 4 unpublished by Facebook on 6th October after a mass reporting campaign by 'loyalists' who disapproved of their sectarian hate filled shite being shown to the wider community.

These idiots use any means necessary to register a complaint such as 'harassment'.

When Facebook's robots receive sufficient reports the page is closed. Cue 'loyalist' gloating.

- LAD 5 launched on 6th October and achieves 2,000 likes in less than 3 hours

- LAD 5 removed by Facebook on 7th October having achieved 3,000 likes in less than 12 hours

- Reluctantly LAD 6 published - it lasts less than 3 hours before being removed.No warnings issued. No content removed.

Loyalists Against Democracy is a non-political, non-sectarian group.

We exist to satirise the extremist dickheads within society who are intent on dragging Northern Ireland back to the bad old days.

We are not fucking republicans despite what is said by some arseholes who don't get the joke. By it's very nature LAD  focuses on loyalist stupidity purely because they have been the ones wrecking the place for the past 10 months. Dissident republicans are equally dumb but not quite as funny.

The six people who put LAD together are from across the political/religious spectrum and we do this for no financial reward. We're just sick of dickheads wrecking the place, embarrassing us and making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

LAD shall continue as a blog, on Twitter  and You Tube.

We are now back on Facebook at

How long we will last is anyone's guess.